Off a Friend Contest – FINALISTS


Ok – which one of you has blood on your hands? Oh yeah, all of you sick fuckers. But, that’s why I love you all. My sick, disgusting, macabre fans – readers – people who liked my page… you get the drift.

Before I announced our deadly finalists, I wanted to share some comments that just couldn’t not be shared. (Yeah, yeah grammar nazis.)

Steven Ujueta, who nominated his wife, was close up in being a finalist. But alas, his wife didn’t quite make the cut. (Get it? The cut?) His wife was nominated, Salaih Bush (cool name, though – quite tempting… maybe another book?) and he said “She gave me my beautiful son. She is of no use to me now. LMAOO jk” Ok Steven, I busted out laughing. My husband said you lost points because of your ‘jk’ at the end. Not sure how I feel about his comment, but I digress. FANTASTIC nomination! Like I said, this may get carried into a new book.


Also, shot outs to fellow writers and/or aspiring authors – your friends love and support your endeavor and think killing you off is the way to show the love. Who are these people? Terry Reilly who nominated Bernice Erehart and Kimberley Hill who nominated Michael Kolesik.

And, several of you were nominated by people who love you and said you’ve been having a rough few years (I’ll leave out names for this one – just because I doubt y’all want your business out there) and of course, your friends thought the best way to cheer ya up was to kill you off. I mean… when you’re at the end of your rope, just slice the damn thing – right? Ha ha, no. It’s ok, I’ll hand you guys over the knife and you can return the favor in the next contest. (Which is coming up end of the year)


Ok, so without further adieu, our finalists. Please vote! The following was selected by a panel of judges. (Not really, it was just me and my husband)

On a side note – we received a ton of entries and we had a hard time narrowing it down to the final 6. Thank you everyone who nominated and had a great sense of humor about this all! You help make the world go round. I hope you’ll join us on the next one 😀

Only one vote per person. IP’s will be checked, if you try to skew voting by voting multiple times, all your votes will be disqualified. (Must have Javascript to see the survey – Otherwise, please click here )

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The ever popular off a friend contest is baaaaacckkk.

This time for book 3 in the Twisted Fairy Tale series.


Contest: Nominate someone you love to be a named character in the next book in the Twisted Fairy tale series to be killed off in a most gruesome way. Join the ranks of those before you who have become the prized killing possession of the works of T.M. Williams, queen of kill. (I just made that up, I’m not a queen of anything)

Their full name will be used in the book and credit will be given in acknowledgement. Both you and the person you nominate will receive a signed, early release copy of The Temptress. Most importantly, you will be immortalized in print.

Happy Hauntings!



CLUSTERS: Case of the Missing BLOG TOUR

I’ll be doing a major blog tour for CLUSTERS: Case of the Missing. This is a great opportunity to go on my book tour from the comfort of your living room and to, of course, possibly win some goodies! Check out the tour dates and links below!

You’ll definitely want to check out each one of these tour stops because each one offers something different. We spent a LOT of time putting this together to give you guys something unique and special and I’m confident you’ll love it! Make sure to leave comments below on how you’re enjoying the tour, what your favorite stops have been, and what your overall experience was. Enjoy! NBTM_TourBanner_Clusters

March 20th – Sexy Adventures, Passionate Tales Blog

March 20th – Queen of All She Reads Blog

March 27th – Room with Books Blog

April 3rd – Andi’s Book Reviews Blog

April 10th – Unabridged Andra’s Blog

April 17th – Long and Short Reviews Blog

April 17th – Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews

April 24th – The Bibliophile Chronicles

May 8th – Sharing Links and Wisdom

LepreCon Vlog-Blog and a Really Big Oops… and other stuff.

Before I get to the vlog I feel pretty shitty and let me tell you why. So, last year – I ran this awesome off-a-friend contest and Nikki Hunsaker and Christina Landino won (Christina being the one to be off’d) Well… in the mess of desperately trying to get The Apocalypse to print on time Christina’s name got edited out of the book. tumblr_n3olrdhdzw1rnma1do1_400Big oops. So, first, here’s my official public apology. Fortunately, there is a second edition coming out. (The first prints don’t have the ISBN and have a few mishaps from the rush to the printers) So, the edited out name will be put back in and there’s only a small batch of people who will have the first edition copy. (worth millions in the future maybe??)

So there’s that.


This weekend was LepreCon and I’m still exhausted. It was also the official launch of The Apocalypse , which was AWESOME. Zoe Mora and Elizabeth Zwolsky and Veronica Baxter and Patti Hultstrand kicked butt in getting it going. THank you guys!

Here’s my vlog – Which also has glitches.


Seriously… not my week for getting things right. I need a vlogging camera (if you have any suggestions please post in the comments!) and I promise to get better at vlogging. I need to get over the fact that I don’t think anyone wants to see me on camera or hear me speak and just vlog on. So … hope you enjoy!


So what’s next on the list for me?

This Saturday I’ll be doing a book signing at the Book Shop in Phoenix from 11a-1p and then it’s on to CombatCon in Vegas. I was told I was going to ComiCon Phoenix, but apparently I’ve been forgotten. Ah… to be a small timer. MUST… WORK… HARDER…

Last, but not least. Don’t forget to vote for my book covers! The Apocalypse (in horror) and Sun Gate (in Sci-Fi) are both up for nominations on AuthorsDB

LepreCon – OMG is it already here?

I’m in official panic mode. LepreCon marks the release of The Apocalypse — which we’re still scrambling to piece together. Yes, it’s going to the printers (fortunately a local one) at the very last second. This book is cuhhhhhhrazy!

LepreCon is especially special to me (That sounds funny… especially special.) because it was my first con ever. Wow, what a journey the last year has been. I had no idea what to expect and was like a kid in the candy store – well, a year later and I still am. I’m more excited now than before because now I know people and am excited to see familiar faces, meet more readers (Seriously, I love meeting you guys) as well as see all the awesomeness of the con.

Here are the panels I’ll be on — and I’m definitely feeling pretty humbled to be paneling with these ahhhhmazing folks. I hope you guys can make it! I have 6 panels… count ’em… 6! Plus the book release Saturday night! My books will also be available in the vendor room at one of the tables (I don’t know details yet but will let you guys know as soon as I do) and a book signing. So it will be an AWESOME weekend!




Ancient Aliens


Visitors from outer space have been guiding human history all along – or maybe not. So crazy it could make total sense.

Time/Space Coordinates:

FRI 2pm C


T. M. Williams; T. L. Smith; Michael D’Ambrosio


TV Round-up


It will be until August before there is a new episode of Dr. Who. What shall we watch in the meantime?

Time/space Coordinates:

FRI 5pm B


Ed Pulley; Tina Williams, Etayn Kollins


World Building By Design

[moderated panel]

In a world where everyone is building their own world, how do you stand out? Our panel will discuss the nuts and bolts, coherent design, and scale of vision of creating imaginary places that we want to visit.

Time/Space Coordinates:

SAT 10am A


MOD: Normalene Zeeman

Daniel Davis; G David Nordley; TM Williams; Sharon Skinner


Alchemy of Cover Art

[moderated panel]

We do actually judge a book by its cover; all kinds of marketing data says so. So what makes for a good cover? That’s driven as much by magic as it s by data.  Our panel will try to help you discover where that magic might come from.

Time/Space Coordinates:

SAT 4p B


MOD: Laura Brodian Freas Beraha;

Jacinda Buchman;Gilead; Patti J Hulstrand; TM Williams; Keith Desesare


Advanced Steampunk

[Moderated Panel ]

You get that steampunk is a real genre,and there’s more to it than gluing gears to stuff. Good. Here’s your chance to plunge into the smoke with our experts and talk about the deeper themes, emerging tropes and possible future of our imaginary past.

Time/space Coordinates::

SUN 11a A


MOD: Randall Whitlock

Gail Carriger; T.M. Williams; DB Riley


Apocalypse How?


How do you think it will all end? Fire? Ice? Zombies? Robots? Nuclear war? Alien invasion? Does Vegas have odds for these things?


Time/Space Coordinates:

SUN 1pm C


Hal C Astell; T. M. Williams; T. L. Smith; Michele Ellington; Sharon Skinner

EDIT: Thanks to my awesome publicist who saw this post and responded with info right away (I told you she rocks) Readers can find T.M. Williams books at LepreCon in space#C-4, the AZ Publishing Services booth, right inside the dealer room doors in the double space. We will have book shelves with all these books for your perusal. 


The Writing Process Blog Tour

I was tagged by the fabulous Ms. Gini Koch for this writing process blog tour – and well, when amazing authors like that tag you in something then you jump, jump, jump! I’m feel pretty dang cool, by the way. I felt pretty relieved after reading Gini’s blog post. It’s nice to hear a successful veteran author have the feelings about the writing process that she does. Seriously, check her post out – it’s fantastic!



So we tag 3 authors – besides me, Marsheila Rockwell and T.L. Smith were tagged and definitely check out their posts that went up today. And then I tagged my fabulous author friends, Ronald C. Tobin, Deena Remiel, and P.J. Hulstrand. So make sure to check their writing process blogs next Monday, the 17th!


And now… the moment we’ve all been waiting for (sort of? not really?) Here are the questions that I was asked to answer.

1) What are you working on?

My sanity. Okay – sort of working on my sanity. Meaning – I’m just trying to juggle the craziness that is my life. But I’m guessing  they mean books. Well… I just finished up The Melanie King Affair and it’s currently with my editor. So, I jumped right back into Apocalypse – Undead Winter, which has become a thorn in my side. Don’t get me wrong, I love it – I love it because of how much my readers love it. But this has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever worked on. This girl is definitely celebrating once it’s officially complete.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I write in several different genres. What I write, usually doesn’t fit too snuggly in those genres either. As far as how is it different? One of the things that I try to do is to take the reader on a journey themselves. It’s not only about my characters but the person reading it. Whether I’m writing Women’s Fiction or Horror or Sci-Fi  I try to accomplish one main thing, to make the reader think. I’m personally a reader before I’m a writer and my favorite books to read are ones that leave me contemplating long after the last page has turned. So I try to do the same thing in my books.

My characters are flawed and sometimes not even likable – but they’re real. In fact, I think that’s what people like. One of the most evil characters I’ve ever written has turned into a favorite among my readers. My heroin makes mistakes, my antagonists have their own story, and in the end I want people to realize that no matter what we think of people, that ultimately none of us are perfect and we shouldn’t strive to be, because that’s what makes us amazing.

I wrote about a woman who cheated on her husband and put her career before her daughter – someone like that would be easy to hate and think negatively about. But that’s not what happens. Though the reader may have hated her actions, in the end I think a lot of them walked away with some empathy. And then the characters we think are fantastic right off end up not being who we thought they were. I guess for me, I like the journey to be psychological more than anything. I think that’s where I’m different.

3) Why do you write what you do?

Author Sharon Skinner explains this much better than I do. (Click here to listen to her talk about her own writing process) But I really don’t have a choice in what I write. It’s what ever comes to me. If someone told me to sit down and write a fantasy story about a wizard I wouldn’t be able to do it. The best way for me to say it is this; I can only bring to the table what my muse gives to me. Undead Winter, Alice Hill, and Moonlight came to me in a dream. The Bohemian Grove trilogy was inspired by a single song. Clusters was inspired by a show I heard on the radio. So whatever happens, happens. I just hope my muse never goes silent.

4) How does your writing process work?

I don’t have a writing process. I honestly don’t even know what this is. I sit down and just start writing. I have no control over it – the story just writes itself. There were times I was just as surprised by an outcome in a story as my readers were. It wasn’t until I was halfway through writing a scene that I even realize what was happening. The only thing I know I have to do is write linear. That’s why I’m struggling so much with The Apocalypse is because I’ve written so many sections of it that now I just have to piece it together like a puzzle. It’s a process and I’m definitely growing through it. I guess that’s what a process is?


I hope you enjoyed this blog post – it’s a bit different from what I normally do. If you like it then please share and leave in the comments what you think!

Author Bio’s, Blog Tour Date March 17th:

Deena Remiel : My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and romantic suspense. I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. I belong to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories. I grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing soft pretzels, oh and the Liberty Bell. It was incredible to be living there during its Bicentennial celebration. My husband and I began our own family in New Jersey, but just a few short years ago, Arizona called to my spirit and tempted my husband with much better weather! We moved our family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be! These are a few of my favorite things: writing and reading of course, chocolate, music with lyrics or melodies that speak to me, soaking baths, singing in the shower, dancing with my buds, romantic dancing with my hubbie, scrapbooking, watching my girls enjoy what they love to do, and laughing at jokes. I love talking with fans, so contact me at

PJ. Hulstrand: PJ Hultstrand has been a graphic designer for 24 years; Book Publisher with 60+ books published since 2009; Publicist for Arizona authors; Managing Editor of The WOD Newspaper/Webzine; Radio Interviewer- KWOD Radio; Event Coordinator – WOD Media; and Author of Time Conquers All fiction series and Marketing non-fiction books. (She also likes to leap tall buildings when she damn well wants to!) Readers’ Cubby Blog –

Afternoon Tea with Authors, Moonlight, and Deadlines

Deadlines suck. Not in the sense where they push you to get things done but in the sense that I always miss them. Like I’ve missed my Moonlight deadline, a few times. I wasn’t happy with what I wrote and had the decision to just push through and publish when I promised or scrap the deadline and make it right. Although it sucks that my book isn’t out when I said it would be, I think that I made the best decision.

Still… deadlines suck!


However, the new cover for the Moonlight full-length novel is here! What do you think? The title of the full-length will be “The Melanie King Affair – Moonlight”. It will be found under the genre, Women’s Fiction and will be available sooner than later. Once I get a date from my editor I’ll let you know.
** BONUS **

There will be some bonus chapters in the full-length book and it will be available for pre-order March 17th. Oh yeah!


Last but not least! Yesterday was just awesome with an extra cup of awesome. I had afternoon-tea at the Ritz Carlton (Dahhhllingggg) with some awesome local authors. Here’s a pic from the epic afternoon.


These ladies are just awesome for taking me into their circle. There’s over 60 books written just within this group alone. WOW! In case you’re wondering, that’s Sharon Skinner, Gini Koch, me, Linda, Marsheila Rockwell, and Jordan Summers. It’s really fun to get dressed up and do something fancy like this once in a while. There was no rushing, just drinking tea and eating savories for 3 hours. Okay… so England does this, we really need to adopt this idea. It’s fantastic!

I think I’m going to start this myself. I’m going to buy a serving tray and a pretty tea pot and tea cups. Ohhhh! I love that idea! Ok… when I finish Moonlight I’ll reward myself with this.

Speaking of Moonlight. The release date is obviously pushed back, but I’m not giving a date just yet. I’m almost finished and should start editing in the next day or two.

Anyway, please post and let me know what you think of the new cover!