Kenny Veach – The Mysterious Missing Cave on YouTube

David Paulides shared about the cave video on Coast to Coast AM (July 20th, 2015) where Kenny Veach is looking for this cave and has been missing since. I encourage you to listen to the Paulides interview if you haven’t. I’ve read every single one of his Missing 411 books as research for my book, CLUSTERS, and even the books he recommended. To this day, I’m baffled. I am so happy Paulides has dedicated so much to helping the missing and their families.

A little background – Veach is searching for a cave he apparently had encountered on a hike previously that had left him feeling creeped out. When you watch the video you’ll see he’s a really level headed guy and has his own theory as to what creeped him out.

ViralNova covered some info on his disappearance including some screen prints of his comments. I recommend watching the video first before reading the article here.

You’ll see in the comments, Veach’s girlfriend comments:  Sheryon Pilgrim 7 months ago I didn’t realize until today that there were comments on this hiking video. I am Kenny’s girlfriend that he mentioned in the video. We went on many many wonderful hikes together in our Nevada desert. Many of the hikes were 8 or 9 hrs long and we always took beautiful pictures. Kenny left for an over night hike in this same area on Monday Nov 10th. Today is Dec 10th. He did not return when he was supposed to and I called missing persons. They have been searching for him and have not found him. I did not want to leave his wonderful video and this site just hanging and having you wonder why he has not responded. jameslacey01…..Thank you for suggesting the GPS. I talked with him before about using GPS for safety reasons. He just never seam to want to use one. He loved just being out in the desert and just finding his own way. I am aching with missing his physical presence. Please encourage all the solo hikers you know to use a GPS



  1. Interesting post. I live in the Rockies of western Wyoming where people going missing in the back country frequently occurs. The most recent involved three young sisters who failed to return when expected. Real life high drama.

    • One possibility maybe is underground tunnels in the desert, as well as maybe in the national parks. Maybe that is the answer for some of the missing people.

  2. Have there been any more recent updates on this case whatsoever? There are many Spanish videos posted on You Tube about Kenny and the M Cave, it would be nice if they were all subtitled. I think it’s interesting that there are more Spanish videos posted on this case than there are videos made in English.

    • That is interesting – There have been no updates but if you have any of the links on it, I know a few people that can translate and I’d love to see what they say myself.

  3. anyone who is an experienced hiker and hiking in that area is going to use a gps. You have to be a fool not to use one especially when you try to find an area you have been to before. so this probably is without a doubt,” a bull shit story.”

      • I sent you a comment about this story a few months ago. I thought it was interesting that most of the videos being posted on YouTube about Kenny missing were mostly in Spanish and found that that was more interesting in itself. I guess I was one of those fools to comment then. That’s why I don’t believe a damn thing that’s posted on the internet…..for real. Oh well.

      • Do you go hiking in remote areas without a GPS or a map? I’m not sure what commenting has to do with anything ‘fool’ related. I was responding to Har who said anyone who hikes in unknown areas without a GPS is a ‘fool’ and that was his reasoning for this being a b.s. story. I was using his words to respond to the absurdity of his statement. I obviously don’t think this is a b.s. story or I wouldn’t have posted it. I’ve also commented on the YouTube video. I think this is a very real issue or I wouldn’t have written a book on missing cases.

      • I totally agree with you. Hope you don’t think I was being a troll. I was firing back at Har but I’m dumb and don’t know how to comment on the internet. I don’t use any social media so you can call me a gimp if you’d like. I accept it. If I know that the police were investigating then that’s proof that’s it’s real. I was in the military so I leaned how to use a compass and map, but yeah today I would use a GPS. I can be crazy but not stupid. It doesn’t take much to lose your lunch in the middle of the desert. Been through that training. I like what you write and want to thank you for what you do. It’s important. Just so curious as to what happened and I feel bad for this Kenny Veach guy. Sorry for causing any problems.

      • ok, phew! I’m glad you didn’t think I was calling you a fool. It’s hard to tell on these blog comment threads because it doesn’t let you respond directly to an individual. When you said you sent a comment over a month ago I figured you were addressing me. THank you for the kind words. I feel awful too – so many people missing and their families have no answers. I can’t imagine anything worse.

    • Opinions are a dime a dozen in the real world. Even cheaper on the web. Obviously Kenny was an experienced hiker. He’s far from the only one to take a different approach than most of us would out there. Is his experience any less valid for it? Of course not. Plenty of people would say it is foolish to hike out there *at all*, no matter how many gadgets or how much food or water one takes. Everyone has an opinion.

      I live in the Rockies and I know quite a few otherwise sensible people who engage in risky behavior just to see if they can do it. Such people push the boundaries of human endurance and capability. I don’t engage in such behavior (at least not anymore) but I respect their experience. One thing about them, too, is they understand what they are doing and accept responsibility for their choices. That’s more than I can say for most of the couch potatoes I know.

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