LepreCon Vlog-Blog and a Really Big Oops… and other stuff.

Before I get to the vlog I feel pretty shitty and let me tell you why. So, last year – I ran this awesome off-a-friend contest and Nikki Hunsaker and Christina Landino won (Christina being the one to be off’d) Well… in the mess of desperately trying to get The Apocalypse to print on time Christina’s name got edited out of the book. tumblr_n3olrdhdzw1rnma1do1_400Big oops. So, first, here’s my official public apology. Fortunately, there is a second edition coming out. (The first prints don’t have the ISBN and have a few mishaps from the rush to the printers) So, the edited out name will be put back in and there’s only a small batch of people who will have the first edition copy. (worth millions in the future maybe??)

So there’s that.


This weekend was LepreCon and I’m still exhausted. It was also the official launch of The Apocalypse , which was AWESOME. Zoe Mora and Elizabeth Zwolsky and Veronica Baxter and Patti Hultstrand kicked butt in getting it going. THank you guys!

Here’s my vlog – Which also has glitches.


Seriously… not my week for getting things right. I need a vlogging camera (if you have any suggestions please post in the comments!) and I promise to get better at vlogging. I need to get over the fact that I don’t think anyone wants to see me on camera or hear me speak and just vlog on. So … hope you enjoy!


So what’s next on the list for me?

This Saturday I’ll be doing a book signing at the Book Shop in Phoenix from 11a-1p and then it’s on to CombatCon in Vegas. I was told I was going to ComiCon Phoenix, but apparently I’ve been forgotten. Ah… to be a small timer. MUST… WORK… HARDER…

Last, but not least. Don’t forget to vote for my book covers! The Apocalypse (in horror) and Sun Gate (in Sci-Fi) are both up for nominations on AuthorsDB


  1. Mistakes sometimes get made. At least it will be fixed in the second edition =) I voted for both covers of yours! And you may be “small time” to them now, but just wait til you are “big time” and they will want you no matter what because you will be one of the main draws! =)

  2. It was great fun!
    I still say this book will make a great movie ^_^

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