2016 Reading Challenge

2016 we’re going to do something new – I don’t know about you, but as an avid reader, I’ve read so many books that it becomes difficult to find something new and exciting. So… I’ve created the 2016 reading challenge and I hope you’ll join me!

I’ve added a new blog category called the reading challenge, so each month I’ll share my challenge book for that month and… give away that book.

Comments will be open to a book club style commenting and hopefully we can come away with some more exciting books to read! 

For some, the challenge will be squeezing in 12 books at all – for others, it’ll be just extra books you’ll get to read. If you’re like me, you’re hoping the comments share new books you wouldn’t have necessarily picked up before and add it to the 12 you’re already challenged to read.

Think of this as a book club where you get to read your own books!

Click below to read that month’s challenge!