May not be the end for Alice after all…. and other announcements

You guys asked for more from Alice Hill. Unfortunately, when the muse is done, the muse is done — at least for me. Although that hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything there is to see from Alice Hill. 

I can’t say much more than that but there’s something coming down the line for Alice Hill that I think you guys will love. 

As for Creed of Anu, book 3 in the Bohemian Grove trilogy. We have a release date of November 28th. AZ Publishing svcs will be the publisher for Creed of Anu which I’m so excited about because they seriously rock! They’re also taking Sun Gate under their wing! Woo hoo! 

We should have the book cover reveal for Creed of Anu at the end of the month ::: crossing fingers ::: along with the book trailer. There are a few more announcements coming down the line but I need to get confirmation from my publicist/publisher for that. 

Oh… and last but not least. I just received confirmation that I WILL be at Phoenix ComiCon. My amazing friend and author, Ronald C. Tobin has been so kind as to extend his table to me and we’ll be working together there. YAY! If you dont’ see me at the table it’s because I’m busy stalking Nathan Fillion. 



  1. I still haven’t gotten to this one yet. I intend to do little other than read over this summer and this is up next!

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