Afternoon Tea with Authors, Moonlight, and Deadlines

Deadlines suck. Not in the sense where they push you to get things done but in the sense that I always miss them. Like I’ve missed my Moonlight deadline, a few times. I wasn’t happy with what I wrote and had the decision to just push through and publish when I promised or scrap the deadline and make it right. Although it sucks that my book isn’t out when I said it would be, I think that I made the best decision.

Still… deadlines suck!


However, the new cover for the Moonlight full-length novel is here! What do you think? The title of the full-length will be “The Melanie King Affair – Moonlight”. It will be found under the genre, Women’s Fiction and will be available sooner than later. Once I get a date from my editor I’ll let you know.
** BONUS **

There will be some bonus chapters in the full-length book and it will be available for pre-order March 17th. Oh yeah!


Last but not least! Yesterday was just awesome with an extra cup of awesome. I had afternoon-tea at the Ritz Carlton (Dahhhllingggg) with some awesome local authors. Here’s a pic from the epic afternoon.


These ladies are just awesome for taking me into their circle. There’s over 60 books written just within this group alone. WOW! In case you’re wondering, that’s Sharon Skinner, Gini Koch, me, Linda, Marsheila Rockwell, and Jordan Summers. It’s really fun to get dressed up and do something fancy like this once in a while. There was no rushing, just drinking tea and eating savories for 3 hours. Okay… so England does this, we really need to adopt this idea. It’s fantastic!

I think I’m going to start this myself. I’m going to buy a serving tray and a pretty tea pot and tea cups. Ohhhh! I love that idea! Ok… when I finish Moonlight I’ll reward myself with this.

Speaking of Moonlight. The release date is obviously pushed back, but I’m not giving a date just yet. I’m almost finished and should start editing in the next day or two.

Anyway, please post and let me know what you think of the new cover!



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