Why did I start my own publishing company? Because my first publisher put out a book loaded with mistakes and my 2nd publisher – who I once called a friend – has not paid me or even given me a breakdown of my royalties/sales that I have been asking for, for over 2 months. Because I’ve made so many mistakes being a newbie in this industry in trusting people I thought were looking out for me.
Through those mistakes I’ve learned a heap of information on how to produce a book the right way. Why give up a huge chunk of your money to someone (in this latter case, ALL my money) to people who are not going to meet your expectations?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge advocate for traditional publishing. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes – and fellow authors – that it’s more important to find the right publisher. The book covers, the book trailers, marketing material, the synopsis, my storylines and writing, the things that have received high praise from the public have been things that have come through the team of amazing people I have found. Jason Vollario, Holly Foreman, Jamie Butcher, Rebekah Montgomery, Jolene Campbell, and many others who work behind the scenes – who take pride in their work and truly are the best. The things that didn’t receive high praise? Are the things that were trusted with the publisher.

I’ve been told over and over again that my expectations are too high. Well, the only people who say that are the ones who have no interest in meeting them. The ones that don’t say that, are the team of people that are saying “Yeah, your expectations are high – and mine are higher.” Quality – that’s what’s happening here.

Yes, we’ll be producing other authors works in the new year. The plan is to produce one hard science fiction and one YA. Half Light Publishing is going outside the box and is truly a 21st century publishing house. We’re not fighting Amazon, we’re using them to our benefit.

I doubt I’ll see a penny of the money from my book sales over the last year and a half, especially considering I can’t even get a report on it. But, onward. I’ve endured a lot of tests this year and I’ll only come out stronger. How can I not? I’m surrounded by some AMAZING folks!

If you believe in me and my team – if you want to see this succeed, then contribute to the campaign. You can start as low as a $1 that will simply say “I believe in you guys”, or the $1 that will say “hey, I’m sorry you got screwed!” Whatever it is, please take a look. We have a few days left and a long way to go to reach our goal.

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