Wrapping up The Apocalypse

Wow… 14 months in the works and this manuscript is coming to an end. For anyone who knows me, they know this about 4 times as long as it took for me to write any other book and the only reason it even got done is because my publicist put a hard core deadline on my head. “Finish it by LepreCon because we’re doing an exclusive book launch.” WOOO! And we’re almost there. As we come to an end I just need to give a very very special thanks to Patti Hultstrand, my publicist and amazing friend who’s been helping me through this novel as well as a huge part of my career and a huge thanks to my fellow authors who’ve proven that camaraderie goes much further than competition. My biggest thanks goes to you guys though. I never in a million years imagined anyone would want to read my work, let alone be excited to. The enthusiasm my readers have shown through this process has been humbling and empowering. I love you guys and really hope that you love this book! As I put the finishing touches on The Apocalypse and wrap up storylines (cause we know there are plenty of them) I decided I’d share with you some of the music behind the words. Enjoy! I go to sleep – Sia (I wrote the expanded Marge scene to this)  Paper Airplanes – M.I.A. (This I wrote the ending to)  Hurt – Johnny Cash My Immortal – Evanescence Aenima – Tool


P.S. Did you know that the Apocalypse and Danny Ruiz have their own fan pages? Sure do!


Click here for the Apocalypse fan page

Click here for Danny Ruiz’ fan page


P.S.S. did you know that by subscribing to this blog as well as commenting gets you entered in for a chance to win an iPad mini? Winner will be drawn May 12th! The more you comment and participate the higher your chance of winning. (Each comment is an additional entry in for the contest) But no cheating! Just commenting with a period or a stupid comment won’t count. I want to be fair to those that are truly participating.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing the music you have listened to as you are writing. LOVE your choices btw

  2. I am so excited! I keep telling my husband that it is coming soon! Lol

  3. YOU ROCK T.M. Can’t wait to add to my shrine, I mean collection of your masterpieces. 😉

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