The end is near…. Sun Gate

The end is near…. Sun Gate

Music has shaped my writing to the point that if it weren’t for music the writing would have never come to me. So, it comes as no surprise that music has been my companion through the writing of Sun Gate.

b31c248e-10b3-416f-8a9c-4491eb1d6b49_zpsea89dedcSun Gate has been a challenge for me. The entire time I kept thinking, I really really need to do my readers justice. I’m an avid reader and I know what I expect as a reader. So to deliver it? I really had to dig deep down into my soul to continue Carter’s story.

Sun Gate is the the epiphany of the 3. Carter’s story changes so vastly throughout that the end is nearly unrecognizable compared to the beginning. However, I believe it’s a great change with the ups and downs you would expect from such a journey. I’m not going to give away anything but please be prepared; some characters we lose.

I realize that the chances of not losing someone you care about in such a profound change in humanity would be nearly impossible and I wanted to bring that reality into the book.

It’s filled with love, emotion, heartbreak, betrayal, and turmoil. So now, as I write the end of Sun Gate I thought I’d share this specific part of my journey with you, my reader. Because, I believe that as a writer I am writing my world and inviting you into the very depths and private thoughts of my mind.


Birdy is a young, extremely brilliant artist who has been one of my major music companions throughout this story. So it goes without saying that her music is a huge part of the ending. The song I’ve included here is representative of the ending in many ways, without giving anything away.

So tell me, what do you think?

“Just A Game” LYRICS

I don’t know where I am
I don’t know this place
Don’t recognize anybody
Just the same old empty face

See these people they lie
And I don’t know who to believe anymore

But there comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don’t know
Is it just a game?
I don’t know

Pleading eyes that break my heart
So homesick I can’t feel
But I know I must play my part
And tears I must conceal

There comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don’t know
To keep you safe from my bow

Take my hand and my heart races
Flames illuminate our faces
And we’re on fire
Blow a kiss to the crowd
They’re our only hope now

And now I know my place
And now I know my place
We’re all just pieces in their games