More News for Alice Hill


What’s in store for Alice Hill? The second edition (which includes interior illustrations) will be released sometime in October. (I don’t have the date on hand right now)

I know many of you have requested that Alice Hill be expanded. Alice Hill, the story for me, is done. However, Alice’s story may not be. As far as stories go, when you create characters you own the rights to them. That is, until you sign your rights away when getting a publisher, hoping that publisher will love and cherish those characters as much as you do – and do right by them. Which, unfortunately, isn’t always the case.

In my situation, it is. So, I still have full rights to my characters, but I’ve also given them the freedom to be at the hands of other authors who may want to take them on and write side stories through my publisher, AZ Publishing. I know that my publisher has already spoken to a couple of amazing authors so — this may not be the end of Alice for you guys.



On a slightly different note. Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland is the first short story in a compilation of alternative fairy tale short-stories I’m writing that will range in levels of darkness. What kind of range? Alice Hill would be on the lighter side while the darker stories will make Apocalypse seem like a warm-up.

The next in the series will be The Temptress on Robin Lane – which is Robin Hood ah la serial killer. 

Anyway, if you’d like to pre-order Alice Hill (second edition) you can do so on my website by clicking here. We’ve updated the site so that the shopping cart is much easier to use and you don’t have to hop all over the website to order each book – and… you don’t have to buy each book via a separate transaction. Yeah, it’s like a normal shopping cart – I’ve entered the 21st century.

If you’ve read Alice Hill – let me know what you think of the story and which characters you’d most be interested in seeing the story expanded on!



Win a Signed Copy of Sun Gate

Fall 2013

Fall 2013


Win a signed copy of Sun Gate – Comment on this post to win! Winner will be announced soon!

Carter stared at the dark crimson blood that now covered her palms. The reality was gone. Kneeling on the floor, she stared at his body, which lay motionless and cold—gazing in disbelief as his vacant eyes stared forever into the distance, at nothing, forever.

“You killed him,” John whispered.

No one can be trusted in T.M. Williams’s heart-pounding new novel, Sun Gate. The second book in the popular Bohemian Grove trilogy finds Carter doubting everything she thought she knew while knee deep in the Peruvian jungle.

Carter, a descendent of the alien race Anunnaki, is in the fight of her life. The only one with the potential to communicate with the Anunnaki on their home planet of Nibiru, Carter’s survival hangs in the balance. She is being targeted by the Vaticates, also known as the “protectors of the faith,” whose existence relies on the suppression of the Anunnaki. Discovery of the Anunnaki would ultimately lead to the end of religion and faith, and the Vaticates will stop at nothing until the only link between this world and the Anunnaki is killed.

Before the Vaticates can be stopped, however, Carter must first find exactly how to communicate with her alien ancestors—a quest that ultimately must take her to the ends of the Earth. Complicating matters further is Carter’s romantic feelings toward two of her travel mates, William and Jack. The tension between the three of them is palpable, making an already difficult situation even worse.

But a shocking death soon sends Carter into a spiral of grief and depression. She must force herself, however, to continue the journey to understand the Anunnaki’s existence.

Their travels around the world take them everywhere from Peru to Chicago to New Mexico and all the way to Egypt. Along the way, Carter and her team discover that the only way to communicate with the Anunnaki is through a hole into another dimension. This sets them off on a trip to Sun Gate, where Carter is finally able to communicate with those on Nibiru.

But as they move closer toward stopping the Vaticates once and for all, Carter discovers that everything is not as it seems. No longer sure who is trying to help her or kill her, she must find the truth before it’s too late.

A fascinating science-fiction adventure packed with alien philosophy and conspiracy theories, Sun Gate will leave fans on the edge of their seats for the exciting Bohemian Grove finale.

“I won’t lie to you – you are the lie.” Moonlight 2 Teaser

Warren hailed the cab and he took my hand in his as we sat in the back seat. His wedding band reflected the light like an ominous beacon. I twirled it under my thumb so it spun around on his finger. He looked at me curiously.

“How many?” I whispered, wondering if he knew what I was asking.

He smiled. “First time.”

I raised my eyebrows at him.

“I have no reason to lie to you. You are the lie.” His face was void of emotion when he spoke and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. “It’s not too late to back out you know. You can still go home a loyal wife.”

From the corner of my eye I saw the cabby glance up quickly into his rearview mirror and I self-consciously lowered myself further into the plastic seats. I shook my head.

“I want this.”

And it was true. I wanted it more than anything and I couldn’t see myself turning back.