Signed Book Giveaway – A Ruby for Victor

A Ruby for Victor (Plaz Seschni)

by Ronald C. Tobin


‘What will become of me if I were to decline?’

Aurea frowns. ‘We here would not raise a hand against you. However…there are those who will regard you as a threat. Without being a porfo, you will not have any protection from them, and we will not be able to raise a hand against them. You’ve been outed, Victor. Many eyes would be looking your way, and a lot of them would not be friendly.’

‘That is about what I expected you would say.’

Victor Trent is stuck in a dead-end job at a secondhand store, living with parents who don’t respect him and dealing with a kid brother who mooches off him. Hopeless, Victor is on autopilot through life, quite displeased with how it’s going.

A chance sighting by a vampire at a nightclub changes his life forever. Soon after, Victor is offered a position in Washington DC, working for a congressman. Given his political views, this is hardly his dream job. He is a fish out of water, an honorable man in a city that does not know the meaning of the word.

After settling in DC, Victor finally encounters something similar to that night at the club – another vampire. Realizing he can hear her thoughts and vice versa, Victor realizes there may be much more to his past – and future – than he thought possible.

Once the Ruby Order, a clan of vampires, learns about Victor, he will be put to the test, to see if he can be trusted and become one of them.

Join in this odyssey of self-discovery and seek the truth about vampires while searching for A RUBY FOR VICTOR.


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