I Finished (or didn’t) NaNoWriMo, Now What?

Did you make it? If you did, big congrats! If you didn’t, big congrats as well! It takes a lot to commit to such a massive project when we all have so much going on in November.


Wow, she really face planted

Yes, there’s 3 days left, but at this point, many of you are probably asking what happens next?

Here I come to save the day! (not really, but I like pretending I have a cape)


What to do next? Follow these steps.

  • Finish your book. 50,000 words doesn’t really constitute a novel. Go through and fill in any plot holes and anywhere else that needs to be cushioned up.
  • Edit. Do a read through and highlight and areas that need any work. Once you’ve done a read through, go back and insert your edits. Do this as many times as needed until you get it to where you think it works.
  • Then send it to someone else to edit. There are 3 types of editing. Line Editing, Copy Editing, and Content Editing. If you’re a first time writer, chances are you don’t have the budget to pay for all 3 editors. (one is expensive enough). Join a writers group or a critique group, a workshop, or anywhere else where you can possibly trade for edits. I have some other ways where you can edit for cheap or free in this blog. 
  • Once you’ve edited it, decide whether you’re going to traditionally publish or self-publish. I cover the benefits of both in this blog post.
  • If you’re self-publishing, you’ll need to do a ton of research on how to do this properly. If you want to skip that and order a self-publishing package, Half-light Publishing is offering a comprehensive self-publishing package through the indiegogo campaign.  I’ll be covering a blog post soon on getting traditionally published. Make sure you’re subscribed to my blog! 
  • Market your book! I cover marketing for new authors in this blog post. 

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NaNoWriMo Hump-Day Cheats


We’re approaching the middle of the month and we’re also approaching the half-way mark for NaNo. Needing some pick me ups? Is that finish line looking impossible to cross? Here are some cheats I found that might help us get through!

People are beginning to get hostile – they’re starting to kill off their characters out of spite (guilty) – they’re eating all the chocolate!!!


Don’t fret!


Just follow some of these tips and we may save the day after-all.

Here’s a Harry Potter Crawl that was shared on the Half-Light Publishing page

Sign up for the 10,000 word marathon day from the comfort of your own home

Read how this blogger wrote for 464 days straight!

Read this blog on how to push through the middle!


Need some more tips? Are you a planner? Try pantsing through a chapter. Are you a pantser? Try planning out a chapter. Instead of focusing so much on word count for the day – try doing this 7 day writing challenge.

Day 1: Have your main character do something completely unexpected

Day 2: Kill off an unexpected character

Day 3: Introduce an unexpected character

Day 4: Write an exquisite scene that involves food. Make it so good you can taste it

Day 5: Enjoy any of these writing prompts: War, Parade, Bang, Parade, Apology, Necklace, Poison

Day 6: Have your character encounter an unusual animal.

Day 7: Write an alternate ending

Thanks for playing! Let me know if you try any of my hump-day cheats and how you do! Happy Writing!

NaNoWriMo – Why 50,000 Words Isn’t All It’s About


I’m at Denny’s with my writing buddy, Debbie. I met her 3 years ago at a NaNo write-in and we’ve been meeting weekly since then to write. She has done NaNo every year for 10 years (I think this is her 11th) and has won every single year. Come to think of it, she should probably be the one to write this blog post. This is my 3rd year doing NaNo and I’m geared up to … lose for the third year in a row. And I’m perfectly okay with that – here’s why.

I’m a full-time writer. (I’m also a bunch of other crap, but that’s irrelevant for this post). Like everyone, life gets in the way for me – a lot. I sign up for NaNo every year with the point of using the motivation of other writers writing their butts off as motivation to help me get caught up in my own writing. And it helps – a lot. During NaNo, I may not get my 50k novel done, but I do walk away with a lot more than just the 50k goal. I usually write about 30-40k of edited work. (I edit as I write) Which on a good month, I’m lucky to get 20k in at all. But more importantly, each year of NaNo I’ve walked away with a better understanding of myself as a writer. I usually walk away with a new friend or two as well.


To say NaNo is a challenge is an understatement. We learn a lot about ourselves and sometimes it’s not things we like to learn. Like how easily one can get distracted by Facebook and Pinterest. (The thorn in my side) And, how forcing yourself through writers block is a lot harder than it seems. And… how for some reason, we compare ourselves to the people doing better than us – instead of just seeing how far we’ve come. Hey, that 500 words you wrote in week 1? That’s 500 more words than you had before.

And sometimes, we have limitations we really can’t get past. This one’s hard for me to swallow because I was raised by parents who told me I could do anything I can put my mind to – and I believe it, to this day. So that means, some nights I’m hating my productivity, my work, and everything else that comes across my plate. My limitation I can’t get past? That I can’t do everything and I need to be ok with that.


This year, has seemed especially tough for NaNo-ites. It seems like 2015 has just been brutal for everyone. Loss of loved ones, more battles with depression, hey – the economy is improving (Then why the fuck doesn’t it feel like my bank account is improving?), sick relatives, people being diagnosed with pretty devastating diseases that truly incapacitates them, and on and on and on.


Yet, we’re already working to get through it – we are. Some of us are getting more words done on paper while others are getting through their own demons. We’re learning a lot about ourselves and most importantly, in a world where life is already increasingly difficult, we set out to conquer a mountain of a challenge. I don’t care if you don’t get a single word written, the fact that you looked outside your own comfort zone and said “I think I want to try something different” is already more than most people can say.

writer-moments6If you’re one of those people who are trying NaNo this year and are feeling down on yourself. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP. You are more than the sum of your words. Leave me a comment and let me know what NaNo has done for you and remind yourself of all that you are.

From, your newest fan.