NaNoWriMo Hump-Day Cheats


We’re approaching the middle of the month and we’re also approaching the half-way mark for NaNo. Needing some pick me ups? Is that finish line looking impossible to cross? Here are some cheats I found that might help us get through!

People are beginning to get hostile – they’re starting to kill off their characters out of spite (guilty) – they’re eating all the chocolate!!!


Don’t fret!


Just follow some of these tips and we may save the day after-all.

Here’s a Harry Potter Crawl that was shared on the Half-Light Publishing page

Sign up for the 10,000 word marathon day from the comfort of your own home

Read how this blogger wrote for 464 days straight!

Read this blog on how to push through the middle!


Need some more tips? Are you a planner? Try pantsing through a chapter. Are you a pantser? Try planning out a chapter. Instead of focusing so much on word count for the day – try doing this 7 day writing challenge.

Day 1: Have your main character do something completely unexpected

Day 2: Kill off an unexpected character

Day 3: Introduce an unexpected character

Day 4: Write an exquisite scene that involves food. Make it so good you can taste it

Day 5: Enjoy any of these writing prompts: War, Parade, Bang, Parade, Apology, Necklace, Poison

Day 6: Have your character encounter an unusual animal.

Day 7: Write an alternate ending

Thanks for playing! Let me know if you try any of my hump-day cheats and how you do! Happy Writing!

The Return of the Titles – and Major Announcements

We were going to wait until the beginning of the year to make the announcement, but since some of the changes will probably be made obvious before then – I thought it best to announce now. We are launching our own publishing label and moving all my titles under the new publishing house, Half-Light Publishing.
Some of you may have seen the Half-light name on a few of my books (Bohemian Grove, Sun Gate, and now Z Resurrected and Children at the Window) It’s something that I’ve considered for quite some time to make complete and all the right doors kept opening for it, but I didn’t make the leap. Well, we’ve made the leap! We’re officially launching January 1st and it will be a 100% traditional publishing house. Aside from my own titles, we’ll be launching the titles for 3 other authors in 2016.

Stay tuned announcements for the executive team behind Half-Light and submission opportunities.

We are currently in massive building mode to not only get Half-Light fully launched but to move my titles over ASAP — not an easy endeavor! so-many-books-gif

I have an incredible team already in place that’s working night and day to get this done and we’re very excited. Our goal is to bring something new and refreshing to the marketplace. To introduce authors that are outside the box but also what readers have been asking for.nCV8gck

As of right now, you can follow the Half-Light Publishing fan page on Facebook until the site is up and running. It’s a scary but wonderful endeavor. I’ve started several successful businesses in the past and am confident this will be no different.

All my horror/mystery titles will be under Half-Light and I’m in the middle of writing a literary fiction pieces that’s very dear to my heart that I will be shopping out to agents. I’m not sure what the future holds for me specifically, but I know that Half-Light is a publishing label that will surely shine bright!