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A limited edition, numbered and signed collectors cover print of Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland. (Coming to the Big Screen in 2016)

A signed copy of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Sales and Marketing

A signed copy of Sun Gate (Bohemian Grove Trilogy #2)

A signed copy of CLUSTERS: Case of the Missing

A signed copy of The Apocalypse: Undead Winter

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Make It Into My Next Book – Share Your Supernatural Story!

Have you experienced something odd? supernatural? paranormal? Share your real life story in the comments below (with as much detail as possible) and your story may end up in my next book! If anything, it’ll make for a great read! All comments are automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

If you refer someone who shares their story and wins, you automatically will win a $25 gift card as well (Separate from story sharing winnings)! So share away! (Person who wins the story to be mentioned in the book is the one who’s referral will get the $25 Amazon Gift Card on as well)

*Contest Rules* No purchase necessary. Must share a personal story that the person has experienced. (This is not a fiction writing contest!) For person who referred you to win, you must state who invited you to this blog via the comment with your story. Winner will be announced at future date. Subscribe to blog to receive notification (subscription not necessary to win)

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