The Best DarkCon Recap Ever

I’m sort of gaga over Joseph and Edward, aka More Geek than Gay. I love them and think they’re beyond fabulous. They have a podcast that you absolutely need to follow because they are hilarious and awesome. Anyway, they did a recap of DarkCon and I’m sharing the video here, but please seek them out and send them some love (let them know I sent you, of course).

Here’s a recap from them —

DarkCon this Weekend – Doh!

So I’ll be at DarkCon this weekend and I was just checking out the schedule with hubby and … oh boy! There are some very interesting panels! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly intimidated. There aren’t that many authors so I’m super honored to be a part of this elite group of people. But that just raises the bar, doesn’t it?

Cons have been an unexpected slice of heaven for me since becoming an author. I had absolutely no idea how fun they would be. It’s just really cool to be surrounded by fellow geek-oids who understand you.

Anyway… I’m intimidated because these authors and other panelists are professionals that have been doing this for some time and I’m the new kid on the block. So I’m hoping I hold my own! We’ll see, I’ll give you guys an account on Sunday.

There’s a Steampunk party tomorrow night that I’m super sad I’m missing out on but since I’m still slightly under the weather (still recovering from a double whammy of bronchitis and a sinus infection) I want to make sure I’m all there on Saturday and Sunday.

If you guys are going to be in the Phoenix area then make sure to swing by and definitely find me! I’d love to say hey!