Sneak Peek – Clusters Book 2 Teaser

TEASER for the new CLUSTERS book.




“Sixty-one people died by the hands of a serial killer.”


Smoke whirled around the tip of Joe’s cigarette as if it were trying to suck itself back in. The air in the room was stale and had a distinct wet odor to it, evident of the layer of toxic black mold that clung to the wood behind the wallpapered walls.


“And?” Charles folded his arms in front of his chest.


“We’re going to investigate.” Joe puffed on his cigarette, taking in a long drawn hit as if it were his last. When he blew out the smoke, it came out of his nostrils making him look like a pathetic fat bellied dragon.


“Are you talking about England?”


“Yuuup,” he said.


“Under what jurisdication?”


“We were called in by MI6.”


“The SIS?” Charles asked. “What do they need us for?”


“They think there’s a connection,” Joe said, sighing heavily.


“You just said they were killed by the hands of a serial killer.”




Charles pushed his chair back and slapped his palms against his knees. “You lost me.” Maps with red circles lined the pin board behind Charles’ head and he leaned back, his hair barely touching the creased and dusty maps. When he was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation he imagined a nicer office and a more formidable boss. Instead, he got someone who read one too many Sherlock Holmes novels and an office to match, in the least flattering way.


“They think there’s a connection,” Joe repeated.


“So it’s not a closed case?”


“It’s not a closed case.”



Secret CLUSTERS Chapter (SPOILER ALERT) – and RP Game Announcements

You heard about it on my fan page! There’s a secret CLUSTERS chapter out there now. If you want to get your hands on it, then make sure to check out RPGlory’s fan page for an update on their indiegogo campaign.

The chapter is Lorraine’s shortly after Ethan Franco visits her and her last moments. tumblr_mikethDo8v1s5sgazo1_500


She cocked the gun, the double clicking sound of the shotgun shell lodging into the smoothborne barrel of the gun loud enough that an intruder would hear it – the reason she chose a shotgun in the first place. She wasn’t taking any chances. After all, she knew more than anyone that an alarm system and a watchdog didn’t provide the safety and comfort one would think.

Her heart hurt with the memory of her lost nephew – vanished only two feet from where she stood now.

Her breathing was shallow as she gripped the gun tightly between her two hands. It was a monster compared to her small frame. Yet, only provided a small measure of reassurance. Seven years earlier, she would’ve trusted the police, the gun, the sound of the alarm system on her home being set – but today, today she felt like she were in an all consuming void waiting to take her away too…


Please join me for a live online role-playing session set in my novel Clusters: Case of the Missing. During the event you will have a chance to uncover for yourself some of the mysteries only hinted at in the book. This game is appropriate for people who have never tried a role-playing game before, as well as experienced gamers. Player slots will be available as a perk in’s upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Register at or sign up for their mailing list ( to be among the first to be notified when the campaign goes live.

If you’ve read Clusters, which missing case is the most intriguing for you that you’d like to see a chapter from?

Kenny Veach – The Mysterious Missing Cave on YouTube

David Paulides shared about the cave video on Coast to Coast AM (July 20th, 2015) where Kenny Veach is looking for this cave and has been missing since. I encourage you to listen to the Paulides interview if you haven’t. I’ve read every single one of his Missing 411 books as research for my book, CLUSTERS, and even the books he recommended. To this day, I’m baffled. I am so happy Paulides has dedicated so much to helping the missing and their families.

A little background – Veach is searching for a cave he apparently had encountered on a hike previously that had left him feeling creeped out. When you watch the video you’ll see he’s a really level headed guy and has his own theory as to what creeped him out.

ViralNova covered some info on his disappearance including some screen prints of his comments. I recommend watching the video first before reading the article here.

You’ll see in the comments, Veach’s girlfriend comments:  Sheryon Pilgrim 7 months ago I didn’t realize until today that there were comments on this hiking video. I am Kenny’s girlfriend that he mentioned in the video. We went on many many wonderful hikes together in our Nevada desert. Many of the hikes were 8 or 9 hrs long and we always took beautiful pictures. Kenny left for an over night hike in this same area on Monday Nov 10th. Today is Dec 10th. He did not return when he was supposed to and I called missing persons. They have been searching for him and have not found him. I did not want to leave his wonderful video and this site just hanging and having you wonder why he has not responded. jameslacey01…..Thank you for suggesting the GPS. I talked with him before about using GPS for safety reasons. He just never seam to want to use one. He loved just being out in the desert and just finding his own way. I am aching with missing his physical presence. Please encourage all the solo hikers you know to use a GPS


Clusters Teaser

Here’s a sneak into the story. Ethan Franco (who doesn’t like to be addressed by his first name) is a journalist who has stumbled across stranger than strange cases of the missing. The more answers he tries to find, the more questions he has —

This story I’m writing is really hitting home for me. As the cover says, it’s based on actual events. I’ve read hundreds of cases of the missing and the more I read, the more mysterious they do become. One thing the cases don’t show is the depth and feelings behind the missing. I wanted to bring them to life, so-to-speak, – their stories are ones that people need to hear. So, I’m sharing them in the best way I know how – as a story teller.

Ethan Franco is a journalist with tough skin. But there’s another part to him, one that he rarely shows to the outside world. It’s in moments that he is by himself, doing what he does best – observing and investigating – that we see who he really is. This is one of those rare moments and one that is making me really like this character I’m writing. He is flawed and he is real in so many ways. I think many of us will see a part of us in this man when you read him in my book.

I hope you enjoy this teaser!



He walked over to the kitchen table where two chairs faced each other on either side and noticed the one chair had wear around the seat while the other didn’t. Lorraine’s chair, he decided. When he walked over to the other chair he noticed, for the first time, in faded crayon, the name, “Tyler” in the handwriting of a young child. Franco frowned as he ran his thumb involuntarily over the boy’s name. This was Tyler’s chair, the only thing left of him after the seven years since his disappearance.

For whatever reason, Lorraine had gotten rid of all signs of Tyler, except for his chair at the breakfast table. Franco imagined her sitting every morning, for the past seven years, across from Tyler’s empty chair. That was her moment to connect, her moment not to forget. Franco felt like he was intruding on personal thoughts of Lorraine’s he was never meant to have. Yet, he couldn’t pull himself away.

The sadness that enveloped him was overwhelming but he wanted to feel it, let it engrain into himself. He could almost picture the boy sitting there, eating his bowl of cereal and talking to his aunt. In the depth of the sadness and despair Franco could also feel the love that left it’s residual effect in this tiny corner of a home that no one ever paid attention to.

Franco tucked Tyler’s chair back under the table and gave the kitchen one final look before he finally headed out of the home, an emptiness heavy in his heart.

Strange Cases of the Missing

I’m knee deep in research for Clusters right now. (I’m simultaneously writing Clusters and Masochists) I came across these two cases and needed to share it with you guys.

In 2002, twenty year old Christopher Tompkins, worked with three others on a surveying crew. While walking behind his co-workers on the side of an isolated forested road in Georgia, Christopher disappeared into thin air. Within minutes, his co-workers were searching the area where they last saw Chris. On the ground, they found one of his boots, some change from his pockets, and his tools. A few yards away, a small piece of his pants was found torn on the top of a barbed-wire fence about eight feet above the shoulder of the road. The other side of the barbed wire fence was private property composed of deep forest, swamp, and small rivers. One year later, Christopher’s other boot was located on the other side of the fence by the land owner.

The evidence seems to indicate that something turned Christopher upside down and carried him over the barbed wire fence. What could have done that? It must have had incredible speed, stealth, and the strength to carry a man over an eight foot fence in a matter of a few seconds. Also, consider that the attack took a high level of strategic planning. Christopher was the last in line behind two other men. Something was watching him, tracking him, getting into position, and moving with calculated precision. Christopher was hit so hard his boot came off! Why didn’t Chris yell out? Why didn’t the men walking fifty feet in front of him hear or see anything? What the hell could have done this?


This is the one that really gets to me ;

In 1969, Dennis Martin was almost seven years old. He was hiking and camping with his family on the Appalachian Trail inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They started their day at Russell Field and hiked approximately two miles to Spence Field. While relaxing near a shelter, Dennis’ father watched Dennis duck behind a bush while playing hide and seek with a group of other children. At 4:30 pm, when Dennis did not come out from his hiding place, his father got up to look for him. Dennis was gone.

The search for Dennis began within five minutes of his disappearance. His grandfather ran down the rugged five mile trail to park headquarters to alert authorities. By 8:30 PM, a full scale search was underway for Dennis. During the next few weeks and months, thousands of people would scour the entire area looking for Dennis. Helicopters were brought in, base camps were set up, military personnel and Green Berets were used, and the FBI was monitoring the search.

After months of searching, the only possible sign of Dennis that was ever reported was a shoe print. Years later, after the search ended, there was an unconfirmed sighting of a child’s skeleton. Officially, this is where the story ends.

However, at approximately 5:30 PM on the day of the disappearance, about an hour after Dennis went missing, the Key family was in another area of the park about eight miles away called Cades Cove. They were hiking along the Rowans River when they heard what was described as a loud, unearthly scream coming from the woods. When they turned to look, they saw what was described by the press as an “unkept man”, “wild-man”, “bear”, or “man in a bear suit” darting between the trees trying to hide from the Key family. What the press did not report but was later confirmed by the Key family, was that the “bear-man” was carrying something over its shoulder that looked like a child.

Even more puzzling, the FBI did not believe this had anything to do with Dennis even though the Green Berets then closed down the entire area and started their own search completely separate from the ongoing search for Dennis. The Martin family was informed of the Key family sighting after reading it in the newspaper during the search for Dennis. In an effort to prove it might be connected, Dennis’ father and a park ranger made the trip on foot from Spence Field to the Cades Cove area in time to make it a possibility.



Clusters Preview


Case #1

Northern Washington. Lorraine is the aunt of Tyler and she’s watching him and his dog for the weekend while Tyler’s parents are out of town. Tyler falls asleep on the floor watching a movie, his dog sprawled against his legs asleep. Tyler’s aunt, Lorraine, dozes off on the sofa. She’s not worried about anything because there’s a buzzer alarm. Any time a door or window is opened, a buzzer rings.

She wakes up, what she thinks is, 10 minutes later. Tyler and his dog are gone. No windows or doors had been opened.

10 days later the dog returns to the home, completely unscathed and clean. As if nothing had happened. Tyler is never found.

Case #2

Olivia, a 7 year old girl, and her dog Toby, in southern Idaho go missing. Search workers spent 6 days and nights combing through the area. Search and rescue dogs find no trace of Olivia in the woods surrounding the home. There is no evidence of foul play.

On the 6th day while the Sheriff and Olivia’s aunt, who had been raising Olivia, are in the living room when they hear a scratching sound come from Olivia’s room. When they go to her room they hear the scratching coming from the inside of Olivia’s closet. When the Sheriff opens the closet door Toby comes leaping out, barking.

Inside the closet, is a deceased Olivia.

Autopsies show that she had not eaten in 6 days. After searching the closet, the Sheriff’s department determines that she was placed inside the closet just after death.