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Check back here throughout the month of May! We’ll be releasing the cover for the final book in the Bohemian Grove trilogy, which is due out this Winter! Are you excited? What do you think is going to happen in the last book? Will Carter end up with Jack? with William? Or will her path take her somewhere else entirely?

What do you think Nibiru will be like? Are you excited about seeing a new planet?

The book trailer will also be coming out soon too! Let’s see if we can top off Sun Gate!

Sun Gate – Book Trailer

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Strange and Haunted Photos

Strange and Haunted Photos

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something for my oddities category – well, I finally came across a story that I thought would qualify. On my addictive journey through StumbleUpon I came across a page of strange photos. (Some posted here) I read through the blog post and it was apparent that most of them were just overlapping photos in the camera, weird angles and shadows that just coincidentally looked like a person and some even obviously photoshopped. I chose the ones that I couldn’t so easily identify as a hoax and brought them here. I also did some more research on a few of them and came across even creepier explanations, which I’ve included.

As always, at the end of my oddities posts is a poll I’d love for you to vote on what you think these are. Leave your comments if you have any of your own interesting “oddity” story or what you think some of these are!

Shadow People 

Shadow people was my first photo. What fascinated me with this one was when I researched it there are some paranormal investigators out there who have a wide variety of explanations. One being that these are inter-dimensional time travelers. (how cool!) Here’s an interview with one paranormal expert that goes into more detail. 

According to the description of this photo, the shadow man has his hand on the shoulder of one of the women (Which you can clearly see) and it goes on to explain that this woman died soon after in a car accident. I’ve been not able to confirm any aspect of this story, but see for yourself.

Also, in research of ‘shadow people’ I’ve found that many people describe them as wearing Fedora type hats.

Shadow Man in Middle Behind 3 Women. They're attending their own mothers funeral. Photo Credit: Pinterest Haunted America

Shadow Man in Middle Behind 3 Women. They’re attending their own mothers funeral. Photo Credit: Pinterest Haunted America

Has the great Spaghetti God shown himself to these children? Here's another "Shadow Person" PHOTO CREDIT: Haunted America

Has the great Spaghetti God shown himself to these children? Here’s another “Shadow Person” PHOTO CREDIT: Haunted America

ok WTF - this one's creeptastic for sure. I can't explain it. Can you? PHOTO CREDIT: Creepy Pasta

ok WTF – this one’s creeptastic for sure. I can’t explain it. Can you? PHOTO CREDIT: Creepy Pasta

Strange Apparitions

Strange apparitions in photos is nothing new. Here are some that I’ve included for various reasons.

I had to include this one simply because it was taken at Bohemian Grove. That alone makes it awesome and strange! PHOTO CREDIT: The magic and far away tree

I had to include this one simply because it was taken at Bohemian Grove. That alone makes it awesome and strange! PHOTO CREDIT: The magic and far away tree

This photograph of the library in Combermere Abbey was taken by Sybell Corbet in 1891 . The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair on the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest can be clearly made out. This is reputed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

The second Viscount Lord Combermere died in 1891, after being struck by one of London’s first motor cabs which was electrically powered. While Sybell Corbet was taking the above photograph, Lord Combermere’s funeral was taking place over four miles away. Credit: Paranormal 360

Lord Combermere Ghost - Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Lord Combermere Ghost – Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

This infra-red photogragh was taken during a paranormal investigation at a Toys R’ Us in Sunnyvale, California. The man leaning against the shelves in the background was not seen with the naked eye. Other shots taken at the same time with high speed film showed no trace of him. I’ll admit, this one gave me chills. :/

Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Photographed by Tony O’Rahilly at Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England while it was on fire. There was no one in the building at the time, yet this photo shows a young girl peering out. The photo was examined by Dr. Vernon Harrison, the former president of the Royal Photographic Society. Harrison deemed that the photo had not been tampered with and was therefore genuine.

In 1677, a young girl named Jane Churn accidentally set fire to a thatched roof with a candle, setting off a blaze that burned down many of the town’s old timber houses. Several people believe that her ghost has haunted the area ever since and witnesses claim to have seen her on a few occasions over the years. It is generally believed that this ghost is her.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paranormal 360

PHOTO CREDIT: Paranormal 360

And last but not least: This photograph was taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. It has been a controversial photo because it is just too good. The shrouded face and the way it is looking directly into the camera makes it look like it was posed – a clever double exposure. Yet supposedly the photo has been scrutinized by photo experts who say the image is not the result of a double exposure.

The Reverend Lord has said of the photo that nothing was visible to the naked eye when he took the snapshot of his altar. Yet when the film was developed, standing there was this strange cowled figure.

The Newby Church was built in 1870 and, as far as anyone knows, did not have a history of ghosts, hauntings or other peculiar phenomena. Those why have carefully analyzed the proportions of the objects in the photo calculated that the specter is about nine feet tall!



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I’ll be doing a book signing at Bards Books on Saturday, December 14th from 11am – 4pm. I’ll be signing Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate! And… a special edition print copy of UNDEAD WINTER! There will be some other awesome authors there as well so definitely come by, support the book store, and get your book on!


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Sun Gate Teaser



Although John and Jack only hesitated for a split second it still felt like slow motion. John turning to Carter, yelling at her to duck down as he drew his gun. She understood him and even felt as though she had moved the instant he yelled to her. Yet, she couldn’t move fast enough. In reality, everything happened in just a few terrifying seconds. But, those five seconds might as well have been five years for all the good their speed did. Death would be breathing down on them regardless.
Carter heard the sharp pop and shattering of glass instantly and she knew they were close to the danger — too close. She felt completely exposed as she was unable to get her bearings or a grip on the chaos rapidly consuming the air around them. She vaguely realized that John and Jack were both yelling above the noise. At least she thought she heard them both. Because looking back, she realized it was just her mind playing tricks on her – a coping mechanism of some sort. Her mind lying to her.

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Sun Gate Cover Reveal


One of my favorite things about indie authors is that everything you see, from the cover art to the the editing to the blurbs – is under their thumb. The book is a complete creation from that author. With a traditional publisher this isn’t always the case and as a reader, I’m often left wondering how much of the book is still from that writer.

It’s one of the main reasons I chose to independently publish the rest of the Bohemian Grove trilogy. I wanted complete control over it and the design. So, this is one why I’m so beyond thrilled about the cover of Sun Gate. Although the Bohemian Grove cover was my design as well, it was something that happened at the last minute. There’s something about having a book be completely yours that changes things –  It has become my baby.

Jason Vollario, my go-to guy for awesome graphic designing, and I have been chatting about this cover for a few months now and yesterday we hit the drawing board. 8 hours later, and after many drafts, we got our cover. I can’t imagine working with anyone else on this. He is not only a brilliant designer, but he is a brilliant business person who listens and is super patient.

I was a little concerned about revealing Carter’s face. As a reader, I’m not a fan of covers that show a real person because it sort of takes away from the experience of imagining a character for me. But, Carter is such an integral part of the story that it would almost be blasphemous not to have her on the cover. After all, we get a sneak peak of her silhouette on the Bohemian Grove cover. Now, we get another teaser with more of her face. But, enough of her features are hidden that we can still let our imaginations have some fun. Besides, seeing those green eyes is really bad ass.

Carter and friends do a lot of traveling in this book and you see two of the main locations on the cover; Alaska and Egypt. (The book starts in Peru). However, it wasn’t just a matter of throwing some locations in there and a face – there was a lot of manipulation with colors and placement. Her eye is directly over the pyramid tip, giving a subliminal illusion of the all-seeing eye. The tips of the pyramids glow golden. (For those that follow the theories of the Anunnaki will appreciate the ‘gold’ symbolism.)

The colors lend an air of mystery, darkness, and adventure to this book – all of which will be found in the story itself. All in all, the cover turned out better than I hoped and imagined. I really hope you, my readers, love it just as much as I do.

As for the story itself. Bohemian Grove took me 4 months to write and Sun Gate has taken me 15 months. Granted, it’s nearly twice as long – but there was a lot of pressure I put on myself to make sure I did the story justice. Bohemian Grove was a simple story with a simple plot. Sun Gate becomes more complex as more elements and enemies are introduced to the story. I found myself constantly balancing between over-doing it and under-doing it. The balance was hard to find and that’s what took me so long to write.  I’m predicting that Nibiru will be somewhere in between Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate as far as difficulty. Mostly because I already know where I’m going with it, but it will also most likely be even longer than Sun Gate.

Anyway, off to write! Oh – and we have a trailer coming out soon too! WOO HOO!


LepreCon 39

LEPRECON 39480415_10151341374698790_745574662_n

I’m glad I had this experience. Though LepreCon 39 was extremely small compared to other science-fiction conventions, it was worth it all. I got to dip my toe in the pool and get a feel for what it’s like. Although I had been to the Star Trek convention it never occurred to me how much I would love a science-fiction convention. I guess I mostly expected comic books, costumes, and the aspects of sci-fi that I was never really into. I was pleasantly surprised.


The panels I spoke on ranged from marketing to science-fiction in children’s lives to conspiracy theories. Though the last panel (ancient aliens and conspiracy theories) was disastrous, the other 3 panels were fantastic. I met and spoke with some incredibly intelligent people from the audience and from my fellow panelists. I expected snooty authors who were closed off and unapproachable (after all, I’m just a newbie in the biz) – what I got was really friendly, engaging, and personable new friends.

It was refreshing to have conversations about literature and film to the degree that most people don’t want to discuss. What I found was that I was at home, among like-minded individuals who think outside the box and just like to have fun. Life is too short to take too seriously.


Now I see why these con’s are so addicting and why people go to so many. I’m hooked – add this to my list of my geekdom repertoire . Besides, where else can you say things like “the leadership of Kirk and Picard are so vast yet show us socially what kind of leaders are out there.” – and have people jump right into the discussion without missing a beat?

ComiCon is in just a few weeks here in Phoenix and I’m looking forward to experiencing it as a fan this time around instead of a participant. Taking it in, in all its glory.


I’ll be a participant at the CopperCon here in August and may even have Sun Gate out in time for that. Thanks to all who came and stopped by to say hey to me and to all my new readers! I look forward to seeing you at the next con!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this event on!

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The end is near…. Sun Gate

The end is near…. Sun Gate

Music has shaped my writing to the point that if it weren’t for music the writing would have never come to me. So, it comes as no surprise that music has been my companion through the writing of Sun Gate.

b31c248e-10b3-416f-8a9c-4491eb1d6b49_zpsea89dedcSun Gate has been a challenge for me. The entire time I kept thinking, I really really need to do my readers justice. I’m an avid reader and I know what I expect as a reader. So to deliver it? I really had to dig deep down into my soul to continue Carter’s story.

Sun Gate is the the epiphany of the 3. Carter’s story changes so vastly throughout that the end is nearly unrecognizable compared to the beginning. However, I believe it’s a great change with the ups and downs you would expect from such a journey. I’m not going to give away anything but please be prepared; some characters we lose.

I realize that the chances of not losing someone you care about in such a profound change in humanity would be nearly impossible and I wanted to bring that reality into the book.

It’s filled with love, emotion, heartbreak, betrayal, and turmoil. So now, as I write the end of Sun Gate I thought I’d share this specific part of my journey with you, my reader. Because, I believe that as a writer I am writing my world and inviting you into the very depths and private thoughts of my mind.


Birdy is a young, extremely brilliant artist who has been one of my major music companions throughout this story. So it goes without saying that her music is a huge part of the ending. The song I’ve included here is representative of the ending in many ways, without giving anything away.

So tell me, what do you think?

“Just A Game” LYRICS

I don’t know where I am
I don’t know this place
Don’t recognize anybody
Just the same old empty face

See these people they lie
And I don’t know who to believe anymore

But there comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don’t know
Is it just a game?
I don’t know

Pleading eyes that break my heart
So homesick I can’t feel
But I know I must play my part
And tears I must conceal

There comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don’t know
To keep you safe from my bow

Take my hand and my heart races
Flames illuminate our faces
And we’re on fire
Blow a kiss to the crowd
They’re our only hope now

And now I know my place
And now I know my place
We’re all just pieces in their games