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Check back here throughout the month of May! We’ll be releasing the cover for the final book in the Bohemian Grove trilogy, which is due out this Winter! Are you excited? What do you think is going to happen in the last book? Will Carter end up with Jack? with William? Or will her path take her somewhere else entirely?

What do you think Nibiru will be like? Are you excited about seeing a new planet?

The book trailer will also be coming out soon too! Let’s see if we can top off Sun Gate!

Sun Gate – Book Trailer

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Fall 2013

Fall 2013


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Carter stared at the dark crimson blood that now covered her palms. The reality was gone. Kneeling on the floor, she stared at his body, which lay motionless and cold—gazing in disbelief as his vacant eyes stared forever into the distance, at nothing, forever.

“You killed him,” John whispered.

No one can be trusted in T.M. Williams’s heart-pounding new novel, Sun Gate. The second book in the popular Bohemian Grove trilogy finds Carter doubting everything she thought she knew while knee deep in the Peruvian jungle.

Carter, a descendent of the alien race Anunnaki, is in the fight of her life. The only one with the potential to communicate with the Anunnaki on their home planet of Nibiru, Carter’s survival hangs in the balance. She is being targeted by the Vaticates, also known as the “protectors of the faith,” whose existence relies on the suppression of the Anunnaki. Discovery of the Anunnaki would ultimately lead to the end of religion and faith, and the Vaticates will stop at nothing until the only link between this world and the Anunnaki is killed.

Before the Vaticates can be stopped, however, Carter must first find exactly how to communicate with her alien ancestors—a quest that ultimately must take her to the ends of the Earth. Complicating matters further is Carter’s romantic feelings toward two of her travel mates, William and Jack. The tension between the three of them is palpable, making an already difficult situation even worse.

But a shocking death soon sends Carter into a spiral of grief and depression. She must force herself, however, to continue the journey to understand the Anunnaki’s existence.

Their travels around the world take them everywhere from Peru to Chicago to New Mexico and all the way to Egypt. Along the way, Carter and her team discover that the only way to communicate with the Anunnaki is through a hole into another dimension. This sets them off on a trip to Sun Gate, where Carter is finally able to communicate with those on Nibiru.

But as they move closer toward stopping the Vaticates once and for all, Carter discovers that everything is not as it seems. No longer sure who is trying to help her or kill her, she must find the truth before it’s too late.

A fascinating science-fiction adventure packed with alien philosophy and conspiracy theories, Sun Gate will leave fans on the edge of their seats for the exciting Bohemian Grove finale.

Sun Gate teaser

He looked into her eyes, the intensity of his gaze catching her off guard. He searched, and for a fleeting moment, she saw the old William—the William who left her breathless and him without restraint. She knew she saw it. Her heart ached in his presence, but it ached more without him.

“Carter, I don’t want to be with you,” he simply said, without a hint of emotion on his face. “It was fun, there was chemistry, but you’re…” his breath caught. “We’ll get each other killed. I know what happened in that cabin that Jibril had you in. Jack got you out. When we were together, I almost got you killed in the process.” Carter just stared at William, blinking at him, not knowing how to respond. She searched his eyes for some truth, but they were just empty reflections.



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Sun Gate Teaser



Although John and Jack only hesitated for a split second it still felt like slow motion. John turning to Carter, yelling at her to duck down as he drew his gun. She understood him and even felt as though she had moved the instant he yelled to her. Yet, she couldn’t move fast enough. In reality, everything happened in just a few terrifying seconds. But, those five seconds might as well have been five years for all the good their speed did. Death would be breathing down on them regardless.
Carter heard the sharp pop and shattering of glass instantly and she knew they were close to the danger — too close. She felt completely exposed as she was unable to get her bearings or a grip on the chaos rapidly consuming the air around them. She vaguely realized that John and Jack were both yelling above the noise. At least she thought she heard them both. Because looking back, she realized it was just her mind playing tricks on her – a coping mechanism of some sort. Her mind lying to her.

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Sun Gate Cover Reveal


One of my favorite things about indie authors is that everything you see, from the cover art to the the editing to the blurbs – is under their thumb. The book is a complete creation from that author. With a traditional publisher this isn’t always the case and as a reader, I’m often left wondering how much of the book is still from that writer.

It’s one of the main reasons I chose to independently publish the rest of the Bohemian Grove trilogy. I wanted complete control over it and the design. So, this is one why I’m so beyond thrilled about the cover of Sun Gate. Although the Bohemian Grove cover was my design as well, it was something that happened at the last minute. There’s something about having a book be completely yours that changes things –  It has become my baby.

Jason Vollario, my go-to guy for awesome graphic designing, and I have been chatting about this cover for a few months now and yesterday we hit the drawing board. 8 hours later, and after many drafts, we got our cover. I can’t imagine working with anyone else on this. He is not only a brilliant designer, but he is a brilliant business person who listens and is super patient.

I was a little concerned about revealing Carter’s face. As a reader, I’m not a fan of covers that show a real person because it sort of takes away from the experience of imagining a character for me. But, Carter is such an integral part of the story that it would almost be blasphemous not to have her on the cover. After all, we get a sneak peak of her silhouette on the Bohemian Grove cover. Now, we get another teaser with more of her face. But, enough of her features are hidden that we can still let our imaginations have some fun. Besides, seeing those green eyes is really bad ass.

Carter and friends do a lot of traveling in this book and you see two of the main locations on the cover; Alaska and Egypt. (The book starts in Peru). However, it wasn’t just a matter of throwing some locations in there and a face – there was a lot of manipulation with colors and placement. Her eye is directly over the pyramid tip, giving a subliminal illusion of the all-seeing eye. The tips of the pyramids glow golden. (For those that follow the theories of the Anunnaki will appreciate the ‘gold’ symbolism.)

The colors lend an air of mystery, darkness, and adventure to this book – all of which will be found in the story itself. All in all, the cover turned out better than I hoped and imagined. I really hope you, my readers, love it just as much as I do.

As for the story itself. Bohemian Grove took me 4 months to write and Sun Gate has taken me 15 months. Granted, it’s nearly twice as long – but there was a lot of pressure I put on myself to make sure I did the story justice. Bohemian Grove was a simple story with a simple plot. Sun Gate becomes more complex as more elements and enemies are introduced to the story. I found myself constantly balancing between over-doing it and under-doing it. The balance was hard to find and that’s what took me so long to write.  I’m predicting that Nibiru will be somewhere in between Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate as far as difficulty. Mostly because I already know where I’m going with it, but it will also most likely be even longer than Sun Gate.

Anyway, off to write! Oh – and we have a trailer coming out soon too! WOO HOO!