ok… so what is this?



This picture has been circulating on Pinterest with the following caption:


COVERT SCIENCE-EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG-Oct.13,2012-3am: Marie Cisnero’s car stalled near Como,TX & she was about to call her husband when a ball of light came barreling down the road and rolled to a halt. “It was silent & moved like The Blob-I swear it was alive! I took a pic w/my phone just as a noise came from the left. A big shadow leaped from the tree into the woods. The light reacted & bounded after it. I’d think I imagined it, but I have this damn picture!” “Passing Strange-1910-2013”


But when you click through or trace it back you get to a dead end, so I can’t find out anything else on this photo.

Can anyone shed some light?

Strange and Haunted Photos

Strange and Haunted Photos

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something for my oddities category – well, I finally came across a story that I thought would qualify. On my addictive journey through StumbleUpon I came across a page of strange photos. (Some posted here) I read through the blog post and it was apparent that most of them were just overlapping photos in the camera, weird angles and shadows that just coincidentally looked like a person and some even obviously photoshopped. I chose the ones that I couldn’t so easily identify as a hoax and brought them here. I also did some more research on a few of them and came across even creepier explanations, which I’ve included.

As always, at the end of my oddities posts is a poll I’d love for you to vote on what you think these are. Leave your comments if you have any of your own interesting “oddity” story or what you think some of these are!

Shadow People 

Shadow people was my first photo. What fascinated me with this one was when I researched it there are some paranormal investigators out there who have a wide variety of explanations. One being that these are inter-dimensional time travelers. (how cool!) Here’s an interview with one paranormal expert that goes into more detail. 

According to the description of this photo, the shadow man has his hand on the shoulder of one of the women (Which you can clearly see) and it goes on to explain that this woman died soon after in a car accident. I’ve been not able to confirm any aspect of this story, but see for yourself.

Also, in research of ‘shadow people’ I’ve found that many people describe them as wearing Fedora type hats.

Shadow Man in Middle Behind 3 Women. They're attending their own mothers funeral. Photo Credit: Pinterest Haunted America

Shadow Man in Middle Behind 3 Women. They’re attending their own mothers funeral. Photo Credit: Pinterest Haunted America

Has the great Spaghetti God shown himself to these children? Here's another "Shadow Person" PHOTO CREDIT: Haunted America

Has the great Spaghetti God shown himself to these children? Here’s another “Shadow Person” PHOTO CREDIT: Haunted America

ok WTF - this one's creeptastic for sure. I can't explain it. Can you? PHOTO CREDIT: Creepy Pasta

ok WTF – this one’s creeptastic for sure. I can’t explain it. Can you? PHOTO CREDIT: Creepy Pasta

Strange Apparitions

Strange apparitions in photos is nothing new. Here are some that I’ve included for various reasons.

I had to include this one simply because it was taken at Bohemian Grove. That alone makes it awesome and strange! PHOTO CREDIT: The magic and far away tree

I had to include this one simply because it was taken at Bohemian Grove. That alone makes it awesome and strange! PHOTO CREDIT: The magic and far away tree

This photograph of the library in Combermere Abbey was taken by Sybell Corbet in 1891 . The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair on the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest can be clearly made out. This is reputed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

The second Viscount Lord Combermere died in 1891, after being struck by one of London’s first motor cabs which was electrically powered. While Sybell Corbet was taking the above photograph, Lord Combermere’s funeral was taking place over four miles away. Credit: Paranormal 360

Lord Combermere Ghost - Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Lord Combermere Ghost – Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

This infra-red photogragh was taken during a paranormal investigation at a Toys R’ Us in Sunnyvale, California. The man leaning against the shelves in the background was not seen with the naked eye. Other shots taken at the same time with high speed film showed no trace of him. I’ll admit, this one gave me chills. :/

Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Photo Credit: Paranormal 360

Photographed by Tony O’Rahilly at Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England while it was on fire. There was no one in the building at the time, yet this photo shows a young girl peering out. The photo was examined by Dr. Vernon Harrison, the former president of the Royal Photographic Society. Harrison deemed that the photo had not been tampered with and was therefore genuine.

In 1677, a young girl named Jane Churn accidentally set fire to a thatched roof with a candle, setting off a blaze that burned down many of the town’s old timber houses. Several people believe that her ghost has haunted the area ever since and witnesses claim to have seen her on a few occasions over the years. It is generally believed that this ghost is her.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paranormal 360

PHOTO CREDIT: Paranormal 360

And last but not least: This photograph was taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. It has been a controversial photo because it is just too good. The shrouded face and the way it is looking directly into the camera makes it look like it was posed – a clever double exposure. Yet supposedly the photo has been scrutinized by photo experts who say the image is not the result of a double exposure.

The Reverend Lord has said of the photo that nothing was visible to the naked eye when he took the snapshot of his altar. Yet when the film was developed, standing there was this strange cowled figure.

The Newby Church was built in 1870 and, as far as anyone knows, did not have a history of ghosts, hauntings or other peculiar phenomena. Those why have carefully analyzed the proportions of the objects in the photo calculated that the specter is about nine feet tall!

CREDIT: about.com

CREDIT: about.com

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Strange Cases of the Missing

I’m knee deep in research for Clusters right now. (I’m simultaneously writing Clusters and Masochists) I came across these two cases and needed to share it with you guys.

In 2002, twenty year old Christopher Tompkins, worked with three others on a surveying crew. While walking behind his co-workers on the side of an isolated forested road in Georgia, Christopher disappeared into thin air. Within minutes, his co-workers were searching the area where they last saw Chris. On the ground, they found one of his boots, some change from his pockets, and his tools. A few yards away, a small piece of his pants was found torn on the top of a barbed-wire fence about eight feet above the shoulder of the road. The other side of the barbed wire fence was private property composed of deep forest, swamp, and small rivers. One year later, Christopher’s other boot was located on the other side of the fence by the land owner.

The evidence seems to indicate that something turned Christopher upside down and carried him over the barbed wire fence. What could have done that? It must have had incredible speed, stealth, and the strength to carry a man over an eight foot fence in a matter of a few seconds. Also, consider that the attack took a high level of strategic planning. Christopher was the last in line behind two other men. Something was watching him, tracking him, getting into position, and moving with calculated precision. Christopher was hit so hard his boot came off! Why didn’t Chris yell out? Why didn’t the men walking fifty feet in front of him hear or see anything? What the hell could have done this?


This is the one that really gets to me ;

In 1969, Dennis Martin was almost seven years old. He was hiking and camping with his family on the Appalachian Trail inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They started their day at Russell Field and hiked approximately two miles to Spence Field. While relaxing near a shelter, Dennis’ father watched Dennis duck behind a bush while playing hide and seek with a group of other children. At 4:30 pm, when Dennis did not come out from his hiding place, his father got up to look for him. Dennis was gone.

The search for Dennis began within five minutes of his disappearance. His grandfather ran down the rugged five mile trail to park headquarters to alert authorities. By 8:30 PM, a full scale search was underway for Dennis. During the next few weeks and months, thousands of people would scour the entire area looking for Dennis. Helicopters were brought in, base camps were set up, military personnel and Green Berets were used, and the FBI was monitoring the search.

After months of searching, the only possible sign of Dennis that was ever reported was a shoe print. Years later, after the search ended, there was an unconfirmed sighting of a child’s skeleton. Officially, this is where the story ends.

However, at approximately 5:30 PM on the day of the disappearance, about an hour after Dennis went missing, the Key family was in another area of the park about eight miles away called Cades Cove. They were hiking along the Rowans River when they heard what was described as a loud, unearthly scream coming from the woods. When they turned to look, they saw what was described by the press as an “unkept man”, “wild-man”, “bear”, or “man in a bear suit” darting between the trees trying to hide from the Key family. What the press did not report but was later confirmed by the Key family, was that the “bear-man” was carrying something over its shoulder that looked like a child.

Even more puzzling, the FBI did not believe this had anything to do with Dennis even though the Green Berets then closed down the entire area and started their own search completely separate from the ongoing search for Dennis. The Martin family was informed of the Key family sighting after reading it in the newspaper during the search for Dennis. In an effort to prove it might be connected, Dennis’ father and a park ranger made the trip on foot from Spence Field to the Cades Cove area in time to make it a possibility.



The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

(Re-blogged from Dark Matters)


First off Roswells! Been listening to you for over a decade and love your show. I have something here you really need to take a look at. It happened last February at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, which is most infamous for being the hotel that Richard The NightStalker Ramirez made his residence. In any event…

My email is concerning the mysterious death of Canadian tourist Elisa Lam. Lam, who was only 21, was last seen at the Cecil Hotel on Jan. 31, according to L.A. police. Her parents had reported her missing and her body was discovered, nude and floating in the water tower of the hotel (a drinking source for residents) where she apparently was for 2 weeks. Now, if you can believe it, here’s is where the story gets REALLY disturbing.

Lam’s final moments were caught on the elevator security camera of the hotel. The footage I’m linking you to was taken moments before her death. In it you’ll see Lam acting very strangely. Mind you no drugs or alcohol was found in her system at all. She appears to be running from or hiding from someone, or something. Most perplexing about the video is that the door stays open the entire time, nearly four minutes. Then Lam contorts into some really frightening way that has to be seen to really be described and the elevator doors shut. Then open and shut several times before the video ends. Watch the video and then I’ll tell you about how this story gets even stranger.

A maintenance worker discovered the body while looking into complaints about the water pressure in the building. Guests had been drinking and bathing with water contaminated by a body that had been decomposing for nearly two weeks. So how did she get there? The Water Tower on top of the building was 15 feet high and locked. To gain access to said tower Lam would have had to of passed silently through two locked and alarmed doors first. Apparently she did so. All doors were still locked. No alarms were ever tripped. There are 100s of stories about this on the internet reported by every reputable news agency that there is. Some people say she was possessed or attacked by a ghost. If this is the case then this is the only known footage of such an occurrence.

Here’s more videos on this incident:

In the end her death was ruled as “accidental.” Mind you her clothes were never found. Nothing about this story makes any sense. Would love to hear your take on it.

P.S. According to friends and family she has no history of mental illness

The Cecil Hotel has a hell of a dark past. Richard Ramirez, a serial killer and rapist known as the “Night Stalker,” lived on the hotel’s 14th floor for several months in 1985. Johann “Jack” Unterweger is another serial killer who lived in the hotel in 1991. In 1964 a woman was found dead in her ransacked room, having been stabbed, strangled, and raped by an known assailant. The hotel has also been home to a number of suicide deaths from patrons who leaped from an upper-floor windows, including a woman who jumped from the 9th floor in 1962 and killed a man walking below.

There’s a REALLY weird medical test name coincidence. Just days after Elisa Lam’s body was found, national health experts were called into Skid Row near the hotel to investigate a deadly persistent tuberculosis (TB) outbreak that local health officials called the largest in a decade. More than 4,500 people may have been exposed to tuberculosis and scientists linked the outbreak to a TB strain unique to L.A. A test used to diagnose tuberculosis, particularly in patients with advanced immunosuppression? The LAM-ELISA. That’s … huh.

My skeptic nature insists that people are just scrambling for explanations for something that simply can’t be explained, but it’s hard not to get swept up in the mystery of it all, isn’t it? I guess no one will ever truly know what happened to Elisa Lam, and I can only begin to imagine how tragic that must be for her family.

What do you think about this story? Do you think Elisa Lam died by suicide, or was there something else going on?