Children at the Window Teaser

Like all other teasers, these are unedited. So… it may be a bit different in the final book but still wanted to give you a little taste.

There’s nothing there – I told myself. One step. There’s nothing there – my new mantra. Another step. There’s nothing there. Three, four, five steps. There’s nothing there. My breathing was still shallow, my heart still raced, but I still took another step, and another. There’s nothing there. I was only three steps from my window. I stared at the motionless curtains. There was nothing there. There wouldn’t be anything there and I would just laugh at my silliness. Two steps left. There’s nothing there. There’s nothing there. One step and I stood in front of my window, my heart pounding so loud in my ears it was all I could hear. There’s nothing there.

I placed my shaky hand on the edge of the curtain, my hand curling around the thick linen. With a deep breath, I pulled it back and nearly screamed at my own reflection staring back at me from the window. On the other side was complete darkness and no children.

Children at the Window Playlist

By request, I’m sharing what I listen to as I write. It changes with each book – so here’s some of the songs for Children at the Window.

Slender Man

Pan’s Labyrinth

The Prestige Soundtrack 

I love soundtracks the most when writing – if you know of any that you think fits the bill, let me know in the comments!

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Miwa Yanagi – Highlighting a Dark Japanese Artist and her Own Twisted Fairy Tales

You all know by now my love for twisted fairy tales. While I like to use my own medium, (words) I’m always on the lookout for artists of all mediums and one specifically stood out for me: Miwa Yanagi

You have to admire the Japanese and their true mastery of horror. I was first turned onto Japanese horror films the same way a lot of other people were; The Grudge. However, compared to what’s out there – The Grudge seems like a walk in the park. (one very well lit, in the middle of the day, with lots of people type of parks.

So, here are some of the works of Miwa Yanagi and her own Twisted Fairy Tale series.














Children at the Window TEASER




“Yes, baby?” I answered.

The suds and water, cleaning dishes, this was therapeutic to me. Something about the quiet rush of the faucet water, the clean porcelain dishes, a full stomach, it all soothed me. It wasn’t until the third dish that I realized Caleb never responded.

“Caleb?” I called out, a half-soaked dish still in my hand.

I shut the water off and listened to the quiet of the house – too quiet, I thought. It only meant one thing. Caleb was up to something and probably nothing good.

“Caleb?” I called out again.

I wiped my wet hands with a dishtowel and left the kitchen – calling out for my seven year old son as I searched the home. A distant, yet muffled, giggle alerted me to where he was.
“Caleb, I can hear you and I know you’re up to something,” I called up to the stairs, where I heard him on the second floor.

The front door slammed, startling me. When I spun around to see what it was, Caleb stood in front of the door, kicking off his dusty boots.


“Yes, mommy?”

“Where were you?”

“But I just heard you. You called out for me.”

“No, I didn’t,” he said while putting his ear-buds into his ears.

I plucked one out, annoyed. “Caleb, don’t play games.”

“You said I could play after I took the trash out.”

“That’s not what I meant.” A knocking at the door interrupted our conversation. “Ok, can you at least see who’s at the door?”

Caleb tilted his head quizzically. “Huh?”

“Can you answer the door?”

He shrugged and opened the door, then stepped aside to let me see behind the screen door.

All I could do was scratch my head. I stepped outside quickly and looked up and down the street, then walked quickly to the sides of our house. When I returned, Caleb was standing in the threshold.

“Caleb, this isn’t funny,” I said.

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You heard the knocking on the door, didn’t you?”

“I think you’re losing your mind,” Caleb laughed.

“You didn’t hear the knocking?” I refused to let this go. It wasn’t like him to play jokes on people, but seven year olds weren’t exactly predictable.

“Nope.” He stuck the earbud back in his ear and I knew that’s all I’d get from him.

More News for Alice Hill


What’s in store for Alice Hill? The second edition (which includes interior illustrations) will be released sometime in October. (I don’t have the date on hand right now)

I know many of you have requested that Alice Hill be expanded. Alice Hill, the story for me, is done. However, Alice’s story may not be. As far as stories go, when you create characters you own the rights to them. That is, until you sign your rights away when getting a publisher, hoping that publisher will love and cherish those characters as much as you do – and do right by them. Which, unfortunately, isn’t always the case.

In my situation, it is. So, I still have full rights to my characters, but I’ve also given them the freedom to be at the hands of other authors who may want to take them on and write side stories through my publisher, AZ Publishing. I know that my publisher has already spoken to a couple of amazing authors so — this may not be the end of Alice for you guys.



On a slightly different note. Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland is the first short story in a compilation of alternative fairy tale short-stories I’m writing that will range in levels of darkness. What kind of range? Alice Hill would be on the lighter side while the darker stories will make Apocalypse seem like a warm-up.

The next in the series will be The Temptress on Robin Lane – which is Robin Hood ah la serial killer. 

Anyway, if you’d like to pre-order Alice Hill (second edition) you can do so on my website by clicking here. We’ve updated the site so that the shopping cart is much easier to use and you don’t have to hop all over the website to order each book – and… you don’t have to buy each book via a separate transaction. Yeah, it’s like a normal shopping cart – I’ve entered the 21st century.

If you’ve read Alice Hill – let me know what you think of the story and which characters you’d most be interested in seeing the story expanded on!



LepreCon Vlog-Blog and a Really Big Oops… and other stuff.

Before I get to the vlog I feel pretty shitty and let me tell you why. So, last year – I ran this awesome off-a-friend contest and Nikki Hunsaker and Christina Landino won (Christina being the one to be off’d) Well… in the mess of desperately trying to get The Apocalypse to print on time Christina’s name got edited out of the book. tumblr_n3olrdhdzw1rnma1do1_400Big oops. So, first, here’s my official public apology. Fortunately, there is a second edition coming out. (The first prints don’t have the ISBN and have a few mishaps from the rush to the printers) So, the edited out name will be put back in and there’s only a small batch of people who will have the first edition copy. (worth millions in the future maybe??)

So there’s that.


This weekend was LepreCon and I’m still exhausted. It was also the official launch of The Apocalypse , which was AWESOME. Zoe Mora and Elizabeth Zwolsky and Veronica Baxter and Patti Hultstrand kicked butt in getting it going. THank you guys!

Here’s my vlog – Which also has glitches.


Seriously… not my week for getting things right. I need a vlogging camera (if you have any suggestions please post in the comments!) and I promise to get better at vlogging. I need to get over the fact that I don’t think anyone wants to see me on camera or hear me speak and just vlog on. So … hope you enjoy!


So what’s next on the list for me?

This Saturday I’ll be doing a book signing at the Book Shop in Phoenix from 11a-1p and then it’s on to CombatCon in Vegas. I was told I was going to ComiCon Phoenix, but apparently I’ve been forgotten. Ah… to be a small timer. MUST… WORK… HARDER…

Last, but not least. Don’t forget to vote for my book covers! The Apocalypse (in horror) and Sun Gate (in Sci-Fi) are both up for nominations on AuthorsDB

Wrapping up The Apocalypse

Wow… 14 months in the works and this manuscript is coming to an end. For anyone who knows me, they know this about 4 times as long as it took for me to write any other book and the only reason it even got done is because my publicist put a hard core deadline on my head. “Finish it by LepreCon because we’re doing an exclusive book launch.” WOOO! And we’re almost there. As we come to an end I just need to give a very very special thanks to Patti Hultstrand, my publicist and amazing friend who’s been helping me through this novel as well as a huge part of my career and a huge thanks to my fellow authors who’ve proven that camaraderie goes much further than competition. My biggest thanks goes to you guys though. I never in a million years imagined anyone would want to read my work, let alone be excited to. The enthusiasm my readers have shown through this process has been humbling and empowering. I love you guys and really hope that you love this book! As I put the finishing touches on The Apocalypse and wrap up storylines (cause we know there are plenty of them) I decided I’d share with you some of the music behind the words. Enjoy! I go to sleep – Sia (I wrote the expanded Marge scene to this)  Paper Airplanes – M.I.A. (This I wrote the ending to)  Hurt – Johnny Cash My Immortal – Evanescence Aenima – Tool


P.S. Did you know that the Apocalypse and Danny Ruiz have their own fan pages? Sure do!


Click here for the Apocalypse fan page

Click here for Danny Ruiz’ fan page


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The Apocalypse – Teaser – AND GIVEAWAY!


I’m so overdue for a teaser so here it goes. (I haven’t forgotten you guys, I promise)


Cold Spring Harbor, New York

September 10th, 2021 – “Doomsday”


Torment. Nights and days were the worst form of torture I could ever have imagined – tormenting me with its endlessness and hopelessness. There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than what I have been experiencing for the last three months.

I was planted in my usual spot. Sitting at the edge of my bed while my husband either did or didn’t sleep – I didn’t know, nor did I care. My blankets were twisted and crumbled behind me, evidence of my tossing and turning from the hours before. I stared at the thirsty-looking houseplant on my nightstand without really looking at it and listened to the screams of desperation. A sound as ubiquitous in our world as the scent of death had become.

P.S. Did you know you can pre-order a signed copy? Go to my site and check it out. Also, pretty soon I’ll be combining my blog and site (Once this book is out of course)


Here’s the giveaway! WIN A SIGNED COPY OF THE APOCALYPSE! All you have to do is comment in the post below who your favorite character is that I’ve written and why – if you haven’t read any of my books, that’s ok! Let me know which one you’d most like to read!

Portrait of a female vampire over black background

The Writing Process Blog Tour

I was tagged by the fabulous Ms. Gini Koch for this writing process blog tour – and well, when amazing authors like that tag you in something then you jump, jump, jump! I’m feel pretty dang cool, by the way. I felt pretty relieved after reading Gini’s blog post. It’s nice to hear a successful veteran author have the feelings about the writing process that she does. Seriously, check her post out – it’s fantastic!



So we tag 3 authors – besides me, Marsheila Rockwell and T.L. Smith were tagged and definitely check out their posts that went up today. And then I tagged my fabulous author friends, Ronald C. Tobin, Deena Remiel, and P.J. Hulstrand. So make sure to check their writing process blogs next Monday, the 17th!


And now… the moment we’ve all been waiting for (sort of? not really?) Here are the questions that I was asked to answer.

1) What are you working on?

My sanity. Okay – sort of working on my sanity. Meaning – I’m just trying to juggle the craziness that is my life. But I’m guessing  they mean books. Well… I just finished up The Melanie King Affair and it’s currently with my editor. So, I jumped right back into Apocalypse – Undead Winter, which has become a thorn in my side. Don’t get me wrong, I love it – I love it because of how much my readers love it. But this has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever worked on. This girl is definitely celebrating once it’s officially complete.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I write in several different genres. What I write, usually doesn’t fit too snuggly in those genres either. As far as how is it different? One of the things that I try to do is to take the reader on a journey themselves. It’s not only about my characters but the person reading it. Whether I’m writing Women’s Fiction or Horror or Sci-Fi  I try to accomplish one main thing, to make the reader think. I’m personally a reader before I’m a writer and my favorite books to read are ones that leave me contemplating long after the last page has turned. So I try to do the same thing in my books.

My characters are flawed and sometimes not even likable – but they’re real. In fact, I think that’s what people like. One of the most evil characters I’ve ever written has turned into a favorite among my readers. My heroin makes mistakes, my antagonists have their own story, and in the end I want people to realize that no matter what we think of people, that ultimately none of us are perfect and we shouldn’t strive to be, because that’s what makes us amazing.

I wrote about a woman who cheated on her husband and put her career before her daughter – someone like that would be easy to hate and think negatively about. But that’s not what happens. Though the reader may have hated her actions, in the end I think a lot of them walked away with some empathy. And then the characters we think are fantastic right off end up not being who we thought they were. I guess for me, I like the journey to be psychological more than anything. I think that’s where I’m different.

3) Why do you write what you do?

Author Sharon Skinner explains this much better than I do. (Click here to listen to her talk about her own writing process) But I really don’t have a choice in what I write. It’s what ever comes to me. If someone told me to sit down and write a fantasy story about a wizard I wouldn’t be able to do it. The best way for me to say it is this; I can only bring to the table what my muse gives to me. Undead Winter, Alice Hill, and Moonlight came to me in a dream. The Bohemian Grove trilogy was inspired by a single song. Clusters was inspired by a show I heard on the radio. So whatever happens, happens. I just hope my muse never goes silent.

4) How does your writing process work?

I don’t have a writing process. I honestly don’t even know what this is. I sit down and just start writing. I have no control over it – the story just writes itself. There were times I was just as surprised by an outcome in a story as my readers were. It wasn’t until I was halfway through writing a scene that I even realize what was happening. The only thing I know I have to do is write linear. That’s why I’m struggling so much with The Apocalypse is because I’ve written so many sections of it that now I just have to piece it together like a puzzle. It’s a process and I’m definitely growing through it. I guess that’s what a process is?


I hope you enjoyed this blog post – it’s a bit different from what I normally do. If you like it then please share and leave in the comments what you think!

Author Bio’s, Blog Tour Date March 17th:

Deena Remiel : My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and romantic suspense. I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. I belong to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories. I grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing soft pretzels, oh and the Liberty Bell. It was incredible to be living there during its Bicentennial celebration. My husband and I began our own family in New Jersey, but just a few short years ago, Arizona called to my spirit and tempted my husband with much better weather! We moved our family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be! These are a few of my favorite things: writing and reading of course, chocolate, music with lyrics or melodies that speak to me, soaking baths, singing in the shower, dancing with my buds, romantic dancing with my hubbie, scrapbooking, watching my girls enjoy what they love to do, and laughing at jokes. I love talking with fans, so contact me at

PJ. Hulstrand: PJ Hultstrand has been a graphic designer for 24 years; Book Publisher with 60+ books published since 2009; Publicist for Arizona authors; Managing Editor of The WOD Newspaper/Webzine; Radio Interviewer- KWOD Radio; Event Coordinator – WOD Media; and Author of Time Conquers All fiction series and Marketing non-fiction books. (She also likes to leap tall buildings when she damn well wants to!) Readers’ Cubby Blog –