1. That was the most awesome trailer ever! So creepy! I love it! The music was insane! I cannot WAIT to read this!

  2. That was an excellent trailer, with surprisingly quality and production value – it definitely builds on the same imagery that the cover and backcover blurb evokes. The ruined, gothic horror of the decrepit buildings is fantastic. It really looks like a novel that I would enjoy!

  3. Spectacularly creepy!!!! The music went so well and really gave it an air of eeriness.

    • I know right!!! Let’s push for that!!! It would be Hauntingly horrific perfection!

  4. Ok I know that’s a book trailer, I want to read the book bad but now I want to see it as a movie.

  5. Disturbingly good!! On the edge of my seat waiting for it to come out in August!

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