Creed of Anu Cover Reveal (Bohemian Grove Trilogy Book #3)



Comment below to win the first signed copy set of The Bohemian Grove trilogy! Includes all 3 books and the brand new, Creed of Anu. (Release date, Winter 2014)


Cover Design by: Jason Vollario, Platinum Footage


  1. I NEED TO BE THE WINNER!!!! 🙂 I’m your best fangurl. 😉

  2. Oh I would love to win!! I have been wanting to read one of your books but finances keep me from buying one. 😥 Jason did an amazing job on the cover! It looks incredible!

  3. Getting to work with Tina is such a pleasure, I get to bring her books to life with the cover designs I’ve done for this trilogy. I’m happy once again to bring you a cover that shows both our imaginations, get ready for an awesome trailer coming soon!

  4. Love the cover art!!!! Reminds me of a couple of dreams of me travelling in the nner worlds. Keep on trucki!!!!!

  5. So excited for my favorite series ! Eagerly awaiting the third book and the trailer!

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