The Apocalypse – Teaser – AND GIVEAWAY!


I’m so overdue for a teaser so here it goes. (I haven’t forgotten you guys, I promise)


Cold Spring Harbor, New York

September 10th, 2021 – “Doomsday”


Torment. Nights and days were the worst form of torture I could ever have imagined – tormenting me with its endlessness and hopelessness. There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than what I have been experiencing for the last three months.

I was planted in my usual spot. Sitting at the edge of my bed while my husband either did or didn’t sleep – I didn’t know, nor did I care. My blankets were twisted and crumbled behind me, evidence of my tossing and turning from the hours before. I stared at the thirsty-looking houseplant on my nightstand without really looking at it and listened to the screams of desperation. A sound as ubiquitous in our world as the scent of death had become.

P.S. Did you know you can pre-order a signed copy? Go to my site and check it out. Also, pretty soon I’ll be combining my blog and site (Once this book is out of course)


Here’s the giveaway! WIN A SIGNED COPY OF THE APOCALYPSE! All you have to do is comment in the post below who your favorite character is that I’ve written and why – if you haven’t read any of my books, that’s ok! Let me know which one you’d most like to read!

Portrait of a female vampire over black background


  1. Alice!!! Alice is my favorite character so far…. I wish I “knew” her better.

  2. I love Carter. Love having a woman main character that is strong, beautiful, smart, and able to overcome such obstacles that are thrown her way.

  3. I’m with Nicole. Alice. There was so much more to her than you wrote about. I keep telling you that Alice should be expanded!

  4. Carter has to be my favorite too. The pull she has over all the people she comes in contact with is just amazing. I love her personality. She comes alive on paper. Love it!

  5. I have been waiting anxiously for more……..I lent the book out to a few friends and have major *facepalm* on the characters name I like.
    (The Scientist and oddly enough the presidents Wife)

    • You’re definitely going to love Mallory (the President’s Wife) and the scientist (Christoph) in the expanded version. They take on a very prominent role in the new book!

      And thanks for sharing my book!

      • Ooooooooo….. ^_^

        And LOL How I got a brainfreeze on their names? I blame the kids!

      • if I wasn’t completely nose in writing the story right now I wouldn’t be able to guarantee that I could remember their names either!

  6. With so many great characters, it is hard to choose just one. I went with Carter, but could have just as easily gone with Melanie or Alice. I would LOVE to hear more about Alice and see her character expanded. And I am happy with how things ended with Melanie. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful characters to life in your writings!

  7. Carter. I love the strength and passion that she holds.

  8. Jack, the perfect example of the strong, silent, brooding type. Any emotion is hard for him to handle let alone show, but he’s willing to put it all on the line for the woman he loves.

  9. My favorite character is Carter. There were so much of her that I related too , everything from feeling people , to extra ordinary powers, my friends in higher civilizations, and more. You are gifted and blessed Tina, know this. Thank you for all the messages and information you channel to this planet!

    • I’m glad you think I’m channeling another planet to write my books! Definitely makes for a more interesting reading experience 😉

  10. i have only just found your work so i have not had a chance to read any of it yet. But look at that cover!!! Chilling…..sure has my attention!! Makes me curious as to what is inside. hmmmm

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