1. Looking forward to getting my signed copies for myself and my mother =) Will make an awesome gift for Christmas!

  2. I received one of the copies I won but not the other. I thought they would both be sent here to me. I wasn’t sure if I had given you my moms information for hers? In any case, which is the best way to check on it? FB or email? Thanks =)

  3. I forgot to let you know that both my copies are now here =) Thank you so much for all you do (AWESOME books, super giveaways, and you yourself are a spectacular person!)

    • So glad you got them both! I just saw your other message that you were missing one. They all went out over a weeks time period – so it makes sense you got them separately.

  4. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to give one to my Mom for Christmas. She is gonna be stoked!

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